There are a number of advantages that medical facilities will benefit from when buying refurbished medical equipment and supplies over brand new.

Of course the very first advantage seen with buying refurbished linear accelerators or CT scanners or any large scaled item is that it will save you money!  With the cost of large scaled medical equipment reaching easily into the millions we are talking about a significant savings.  A new linear accelerator can costs between three and four million dollars.  Buying a refurbished unit, even at a thirty percent discount saves the facility one point two million dollars.  That is a huge savings!

The one major concern many facilities have is that the savings they are seeing in buying a refurbished unit will be spent on serving the unit.  The truth is that refurbished equipment is just as reliable as brand new equipment with one advantage.  If a refurbished machine breaks down parts and service are more readily available.  Older units are easier to find parts for than newer units simply because they have been around longer.

Manufacturers have become familiar what parts on certain models are more susceptible to needing to be replaced or serviced.  Whereas brand new equipment just being introduced to the market has yet to establish issue that may arise.  In many cases new equipment diagnosis takes longer than refurbished equipment.  The issues are more unknown and are still being discovered.  Parts and service on new equipment may also be more difficult to find because technicians aren’t as familiar with new models and parts are still be used in manufacturing original units.

Rest assured with refurbished medical equipment.  It does the exact same job that a new piece does at up to fifty percent cheaper.  Although there is never a guarantee that equipment will fail the chance of failure remains the same between the two options.  The process of refurbishing medical equipment is incredibly thorough.  Highly skilled, trained Biomedical Professionals work to restore each piece of equipment back to its original form.  Refurbished equipment including linear accelerators aren’t put on the market to be sold until it has gone through arduous testing, assessments, and has  support documentation detailing the unit meets the original manufacturers standards.

There are a number of benefits when it comes to purchasing and using refurbished medical equipment although the most obvious are the cost savings and ability to obtain replacement parts and service quickly.  You can find suppliers of refurbished medical equipment, parts and services online today.

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