Five Trends in Bathroom Design

Whether you refer to them as bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms, or the lavatory, we all spend time in this (sometimes) fashionable room. Thanks to COVID-19, this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builders’ Show were completely virtual. Keep reading to discover what’s to come in the world of 2021 bathroom design.

Freestanding Bathtubs
You can thank COVID-19 yet again for giving us more time in the restroom during 2020. The industry saw a significant increase in the number of people utilizing bathtubs, as more prominent companies reported a rise in bathtub interest, leading to sales. People who have been spending more time at home with their spouse or children often look to the tub as a retreat; a way to unwind behind a closed door. Freestanding tubs in particular have been a popular choice, and retailers have answered the call, offering different styles, heights, colors, and finishes.

LED Lighting
While LED bulbs aren’t exactly novel, the light fixtures, chandeliers, and strip lights are continuously making style advancements. Hidden LED lights in particular have been all the rage; some turn on when you open cabinets or cupboard doors, while others light up mirrors or shelves. Certain LED strips have been used to illuminate areas above bathtubs, around mirrors, and inside vanities. When used underneath bathtubs, hidden LED lighting gives them a unique floating appearance.

Filter Showerheads
Water pollution and chlorination isn’t just a factor for drinking water. People are growing more concerned about the dangers posed by unfiltered water when it comes to themselves or family members. From water purification filters to scented in-shower boosters, showerhead manufacturers are pulling out all the stops: and consumers are happily supporting the changes. Technology has been implemented as well; some showerheads integrate with Alexa and Google for voice-activated assistance.

Bidets are fairly standard in French homes, and many Americans are catching on to the trend. These low-mounted versions of a sink were invented in 17th century France. Though the idea isn’t unique, the technology that accompanies newer versions are. Some come equipped with heated seats, oscillating and pulsating rinse wands, deodorizer, and dryer.

Multi-Faceted Faucets
From two-tone to two-texture finishes, faucets come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. Some faucets boast a smooth overall finish with a wavy, water-like finish on specific areas such as handles. Matte black and antique gold are two fresh finishes to accompany the metallurgic designs.

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom or looking for a fresh, new upgrade? Contact the experts at JFC Remodeling today. We can help suggest and install new features to get your bathroom glimmering.

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Six Tips to Keep Your Kitchen’s Stainless Steel Pristine

Stainless steel looks beautiful but can be tricky to maintain. Check out these six tips below to keep your stainless steel looking like new.

  1. Control knobs: Many people inadvertently forget about hidden grime underneath or behind these. Some knobs require you to pull up gently, releasing the knob from the surface. Cleaning around the knobs creates buildup over time, which can become stuck-on and challenging to remove.
  2. Handles: Since these are used most frequently, they should be wiped weekly. Microfiber cloths are the best type of material to clean handles, as they remove dust without leaving streaks or smears. They also eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in your environment.
  3. Oxidization: Pumice powder mixed with water is a great way to fight stainless steel oxidization. Mix the water and powder to create a paste, apply within the steel grain, and then rinse with warm water. Generally, after an application, cloths are black with soot.
  4. Countertops: Designed to hold up to rough and constant wear and tear, stainless steel is a popular choice of professionals. Avoid using abrasive cleansers; instead, use a drop of dish soap and warm water to keep your counters clean and scratch-free.
  5. Hoods: To prevent a buildup of grease and dust, stainless steel hoods should be cleaned weekly. Cooking grease and dust mix together in the air, land on the hood, becoming difficult to remove. To remove this thick, dusty grease, spray a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe over the hood. Do not under any circumstances use rubbing alcohol near an open flame, as it is extremely flammable. 
  6. Burns: These marks can be irritating and difficult to remove from your stove. If you have marks that refuse to wipe away, try this simple recipe:

1 cup baking soda

¼ cup lemon juice

3 tablespoons Borax

Club soda (to rinse)

Combine the baking soda, lemon juice, and Borax to make a paste. Use a soft cloth to apply the paste to the entire stained area. Ensure to rub in the same grain direction as the stainless steel. Use the club soda to rinse off, and then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

To update any of your kitchen or bath appliances to stainless steel or to get professional recommendations on a remodel, contact the experts at JFC Remodeling today.

JFC Remodeling is committed to providing top-quality home reconstruction services to clients throughout Livingston County. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our licensed contractors create unique, individualized, and polished renovations. Whether the site requires an improvement, repair, or is a new construction, you can trust our experts to deliver remarkable results. Call: 810-923-1123, e-mail:, or visit us at: today.

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How to Find Your House Plans

Older houses usually do not come ready with detailed blueprints like younger, newer homes generally do. Modern builds regularly have the plans that are foundationally important for home renovations or improvements readily available. Predating the early 1900s, builders seldomly drew up detailed specifications, which can be found in contemporary blueprints. Methods passed down by word-of-mouth was typically how house construction was accomplished in the past. Written manuals often referred to something along the lines of “build the usual way.”

An indispensable resource for remodeling and restoration work is that these plans solve all home mysteries and give a tangible roadmap for repairs. You can attempt to track down your home’s original blueprints by:

  • Consulting local inspectors, assessors, and other building officials
  • Visiting neighbors who have similar home structures
  • Contacting your real estate sales agents
  • Reviewing local archives such as plan books at the historical society
  • Examining neighborhood fire insurance maps
  • Researching local archived newspapers with old real estate advertisements for similar homes

Town Hall
Building inspectors or assessor’s offices usually know something about the buildings in your area. Permits are typically filed in the building inspector’s office, along with floor plans and elevation drawings. These can be helpful to learn about modifications made to your home within the past 20 years. Fire insurance maps in the United States date back to the 1870s. These documents are also located within City Hall and, at the very least, can indicate the original construction material used for your home. Three-dimensional drawings are typically included as well, which can be compared to Google Maps for real-time use. 

If your home was manufactured within the past 50 years, your real estate office might be able to help you locate construction details. They are often familiar with local developers and housing styles in the region.

The familiar houses in your area might have been designed by the same person/developer as your home. Oftentimes they were constructed as mirror images, with minor differences in finishes.

Countless communities throughout the United States maintain archives with old photographs, building plans, and maps. They are generally not well-organized or maintained; however, they typically exist within either the library, museum, or historical society. Rarely, a town historian can facilitate your search. Local newspapers, farm journals, and women’s magazines can be examined for homes of a similar type. 

While local municipalities might be your best bet, online resources such as NETR (Nationwide Environmental Title Research, LLC.) have public records available for view via their databases. Thousands of people are looking for house plans; forums such as Old House Web can help you in your search.

JFC Remodeling is committed to providing top-quality home reconstruction services to clients throughout Livingston County. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our licensed contractors create unique, individualized, and polished renovations. Whether the site requires an improvement, repair, or is a new construction, you can trust our experts to deliver remarkable results. Call: 810-923-1123, e-mail:, or visit us at: today.

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How to Achieve Optimal Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is critical yet often overlooked or underperformed. We frequent bathrooms before going to bed and after waking up in the morning, and there should be ambient lighting for bedtime, however, be bright and welcoming at daybreak. Light, particularly daylight, sets our circadian rhythms, which play an essential role in our overall health and wellness. The answer to taking the correct medication (seeing clearly), avoiding falls (recognizing water on the floor), and more troublesome bathroom issues are all solved with proper lighting.

Illumination The amount of light needed in a bathroom varies due to a few factors. Ideally, the lighting should vary based on the type of activity being performed, such as shaving or using the restroom. Dimmers can be tremendously helpful, as it is ideal to over-light an area and reduce than under-light with an inability to increase.

Daylights Natural light is the best way to regulate sleep/wake cycles (circadian rhythm) and brighten moods. Instead of one window, perhaps add two, or a larger-than-originally-planned window to increase lighting. Skylights lets in two- to three times as much illumination as the same-sized window. Larger windows also increase lighting and let sunlight in.

Vanity lighting Optimum lighting includes fixtures mounted on either side of the mirror at eye level. No part of the face will be in shadow, which sometimes happens with overhead vanity lights. LED bulbs are much easier to dim than fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs are being phased out throughout America. Plus, LEDs are much brighter than their counterparts. They don’t get hot and they last much longer as well.

Illuminate the tub Hanging light fixtures above bathtubs is against most building codes and is not only discouraged but simply not done. No open or hanging lighting can be within eight feet of the bathtub, nor three feet next to it. Placing tubs underneath a feature window or skylight is the best bet, which lets the light in but doesn’t cause a hazard.

Night light Bathrooms are usually frequented in the wee hours of the night, so it is critical to provide some light to ensure safe maneuvering throughout the darkness. A low-wattage nightlight either on all night or that responds to motion is a simple solution. LED lighting under vanities or countertops is perfect night lighting and provides a lovely ambiance to the room’s overall aesthetic.

To read more lighting ideas, check out the original article from ProRemodeler. For lighting installation or a bathroom consultation, contact the professionals at JFC Remodeling today.

JFC Remodeling is committed to providing top-quality home reconstruction services to clients throughout Livingston County. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our licensed contractors create unique, individualized, and polished renovations. Whether the site requires an improvement, repair, or is a new construction, you can trust our experts to deliver remarkable results. Call: 810-923-1123, e-mail:, or visit us at: today.

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Pandemic Home Remodeling is Booming

As people are working from home and staying put due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are choosing to improve their surroundings and create retreats within their own houses. Homeowners are likely completing these projects due to extra incentives. Record high home equity levels, despite the recent economic downturn, is causing the housing demand to soar.

Moreover, a significant number of people are cooking and eating at home, which makes kitchens the center of family life. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects have always been popular, yet the demand increased by 40 percent in June compared to last year.  Home extensions and additions increased by 52 percent compared to 2019. Security and privacy measures (fence installations and repairs) also saw a jump of 166 percent.

Shelter-at-home orders obviously guided the increase in demand, as more than three-quarters of all U.S. homeowners said they had done some type of home improvement project during the pandemic. More than three-quarters also say they plan to take on a new home project in the next 12 months.

One online remodeling platform saw a 58 percent annual increase in project leads for home professionals in June. Outdoor spaces had the most massive increase in demand; pool and spa professional searches tripled from a year ago. The need for landscape contractors along with patio and deck professionals doubled.

Justin Sullivan, a home remodeling contractor, said, “We’re also hearing that the money that folks are saving from not going out to restaurants, not eating out, not going on vacations, those things are being saved and they’re deciding to add that value back into their homes as an investment. They have more confidence in their homes as investments.”

Check out the original article from CNBC to learn more about the home remodeling inflation. For all of your construction, repair, or home improvement needs, contact JFC Remodeling today.

JFC Remodeling is committed to providing top-quality home reconstruction services to clients throughout Livingston County. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our licensed contractors create unique, individualized, and polished renovations. Whether the site requires an improvement, repair, or is a new construction, you can trust our experts to deliver remarkable results. Call: 810-923-1123, e-mail:, or visit us at: today.

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Top 10 Bathroom Trends of 2020

Let’s face it, sometimes we all walk into a room of our house and just wish it had the latest upgrades and designs. This is especially true of our home’s kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. The living room and kitchen are where our friends and family gather and where love and laughter are shared. The bathroom is by nature, a private room, but depending on which bathroom we’re referencing, it can be open to others for use or just meant for yourself and close family members.

When you are in your bathroom, you want to have a sense of yourself to which brings you peace and reflects your style. However, it’s not always easy to stay abreast of the latest design trends. Fashion and décor are ever-changing, so we put together this article for the top 10 emerging trends of 2020.

# 1 Freestanding Bathtubs and Sinks 

This is a classic design that does not go out of style. Modern freestanding bathtubs are made with stone resin designs and traditional styles feature clawfoot or copper tubs. A freestanding bathtub and sink may cost you a little more, but they will retain their value and increase your home’s worth.

# 2 His and Her Private Vanities 

Not only do private vanities offer a practical solution to your bathroom, but they are also a trendy and timeless choice. His and her vanities provide enough space for two people to prep at the same time with no fuss of room or personal space being cramped.

# 3 Accent Walls

As the name suggests, it is a wall or walls in your bathroom that that are made from different materials and design from the rest of your space. An accent wall creates a focal point that provides a centralized location that can highlight a vanity, bathtub, or any other object to make it stand out. Popular materials in 2020 are marble, brick, mosaic tile, natural stone, and wood; the choice is entirely up to you.

# 4 Bold Colors 

Ironically, earth tones (browns, greys, tans, etc.), which have been popular for years, are now being contrasted with bold, vibrant color tones. Lime green is starting to gain in popularity as a summer color. Blues match well with more saturated spaces, and orange adds more warmth and depth. Before you go this route, make sure to look up design ideas as this can be a significant shift in mindset from softer hues that many of us are used too.

# 5 Heated Bathroom Floors 

Stepping on a frigid bathroom floor during the cold seasons will shock you awake. The trend of heated flooring is becoming increasingly popular because of advances in electrical heating technology, which offer two options. The first is hydronic heated floors, which are comprised of rubber tubes circulating heated water underneath the floor’s surface. The second is electric, which is made using a thin panel grid that heats the surface of your floor much, in the same way, an electric blanket works.

#6 Modern Light Fixtures

 Small chandeliers and hanging bulbs are becoming quite popular in 2020 bathroom designs. Another trend is to install wall sconces near your mirror, which can enhance the ambiance for those relaxing nights in the tub. Adding small accents can go a long way toward enriching your bathroom’s atmosphere without breaking the bank.

#7 Matte Fixtures

Black matte has been making a comeback with striking contrast and offering a bolder option for those who like to make a powerful statement. Bathrooms are not the only spaces where this design feature can be added; countertops, sinks, cabinets, and even ceilings are growing in popularity, and it looks like the trend has just started. Going with a matte finish is one of the most modern options available for a bathroom or any area in your home.

#8 Water Efficient Toilets

With smart home appliances on the rise, it’s no surprise that water-efficient toilets are becoming more attractive. Like the next generation of smart water heaters to refrigerators and now water-efficient toilets, technology allows us to make our lives easier by offering efficiency, which saves us money. Water-efficient toilets reduce the total amount of water needed for flushing, helping the environment, and saving us money on our water and sewage bills.

#9 Diverse Tile Textures

Another growing trend isdiverse tile textures. Throughout the years, people have been compliant with the same tiles, colors, and textures in the bathroom. However, the trend is shifting to incorporate the opposite – a more diverse and open concept where tile textures don’t necessarily match but still complement one another. Also, think of practicality. Instead of always choosing matching designs, consider selecting a tile or material that absorbs warmth for the bathroom floor.

#10 Open Concept 

The open living room and kitchen concept has moved onto bathrooms in 2020. Offering both privacy and space, open floor plan bathrooms is another emerging trend for master bathrooms. These larger sized bathrooms with sometimes glass shower walls remove restrictive barriers and allow for a more liberating but private experience. 

These are just a few bathroom trends making headway in 2020. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom keep these ideas on your radar and contact JFC Remodeling for licensed contractor help, you’ll be glad you did! For more bathroom trends of 2020, read this article here.

Tips for Planning Spring Home Renovations

Spring is the perfect time to begin home projects, and if you are considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, there is no better time to start planning!  We have put together a list of quick tips to help get these projects started on the right path, making home renovations easier.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Many homeowners are eager to get outside again and look forward to landscaping and exterior repair projects. Upgrades such as adding a new deck or updating the siding on your house are popular home improvements during the Spring season. It is important to secure an appointment with a home contractor before spring as they regularly become over-booked midway into the season. Additionally, you should purchase any materials in advance so that you won’t have a shortage of supplies halfway into your project.

Certain home renovations may also require permits, which will take additional time for submission and approval before building can begin. Starting the planning process months in advance will allow proper preparation and peace of mind.

Function Over Beauty

Not all home renovations will add visual appeal, and that’s okay. Upgrading or installing new electrical, plumbing, or insulation are sometimes needed.  When making plans to renovate, other important issues can be uncovered within a project that was not anticipated but needs to be addressed. Common unforeseen problems can be leaky pipes, crooked floors, and roof repairs. If these issues are ignored, they will become more costly as time goes on, so it is essential to fix these problems early.

Choosing Your Professional

There is nothing worse than becoming one of those horror stories that you so often hear about with renovation projects. You want to avoid contractors who take shortcuts or charges double than the original quote presented. Getting stuck with a botched project that is unfinished or improperly installed is a nightmare to deal with and will only cause further problems.

When you put your home into someone else’s hands, you want reassurance that they will complete a project in a reasonable amount of time and that they have high-quality standards. It is essential to practice due diligence when selecting a licensed home contractor; having the right qualifications, experience, and positive reviews are critical when looking for professional help. Also, asking for references and getting several quotes can help assist in making your decisions less stressful.

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Saving Money with Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas

After years of dreaming of a luxurious spa retreat that you could come home to each day, you have finally decided to make that dream a reality. The first order of business is figuring out your budget. Bathroom remodels can scale in cost by a large range depending on the upgrades you want. If $20,000 seems too far out of reach, that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a relaxing new space to unwind in. There are plenty of ways to renovate your bathroom while staying on budget: 

Size of Renovation vs. Budget

One of the main reasons homeowners decide to upgrade and renovate a bathroom is because the resale value of your home will significantly increase. You may be able to recoup a large portion of costs when selling your home, sometimes as high as 100%. If your budget is on the smaller side ($1,000 or less), it may be wise to make cosmetic changes such as a new sink, paint, or fixtures. If your budget allows for more, upgrade the materials in choice pieces and consider hiring a professional contractor to complete the job.

Saving on Tile

Tile is an expensive material to purchase and pricing can continue to increase when hiring a licensed contractor for the project. One easy way to save money is to limit the amount of tile used and to only install it in specific areas such as the floor rather than the entire shower walls. Another idea is to add one horizontal strip of tile inside the shower and paint the rest. If your vision is stuck on having an expensive tile, try using it as an accent alongside a more inexpensive tile to make the luxurious ones really stand out while saving money in your pocket. 

Countertop Savings

By popular demand, granite countertops are the most sought-after material in bathrooms and kitchens. Bathroom counter space is a much smaller area compared to kitchens, so your budget may be a little more flexible. The first way to save in countertops is by choosing a color. The most popular color preferences are neutral colors like tan, brown, beige. The higher the demand, the more expensive they will be to purchase. Try to consider and price out a variety of different colors to find the right price point for your budget needs. Another way to save money when purchasing granite is to buy a slab that may contain small imperfections. The larger the imperfection, the lower the price. Keep in mind, if the defect is located where the sink or faucet will be, you won’t see the flaw after the install. 

JFC Remodeling is a full-service licensed contractor out of Howell, Michigan, specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovationsflooring upgrades, and home remodeling services. More information can be found online at

Bathroom Remodeling Must Haves

A bathroom remodel is typically on the top of every homeowner’s dream list of upgrades they would like to accomplish in their homes. Whether the upgrade is for resale value, or for personal enjoyment to have a place to come home and relax in there is a bathroom renovation for everyone. To begin the planning process of a bathroom remodeling project, it is important to have a design in mind along with a realistic budget. Choosing to hire a professional home remodeler is a great option that can help during the planning process to make things run more smoothly. Below are a few helpful tips when doing a bathroom remodel in your home.

Before Calling the Professionals

A bathroom remodel can be very daunting, and many homeowners are eager to call their licensed contractor right away to start the project. Before you pick up that phone to call, you should first begin the initial plan with the members of your home and get a firm grasp as to your needs/ wants for your bathroom. Think of a budget you would like to stay in proximity to and always plan for a little extra because, with any renovations, there is always the possibility of unexpected issues that can arise and will increase costs later. One of the other factors that can change your mind on several details to the project other than money is timing. Be sure to expect any renovation to range from 30-90 days to complete which can be tough since the bathroom is a main room in the house, we use daily for our hygiene needs so having a backup bathroom that will be used or other obstacles will need to be thought thoroughly as well. It is also important no matter how long the renovation is taking to stick to your original plan as best as possible. Even the smallest changes can add extra money and time to the project that will be sure to ass additional frustration.

Designing Your Space

Generally, a home will consist of 1 or more bathrooms in a home with the features of a toilet, sink, and bathtub. There are optional extras such as a separate shower, dual his/her sinks and other luxuries to add into your bathroom floor plans. It is important to keep in mind what the rest of your home layout and design looks like to keep them flowing nicely together especially if it’s a joining bathroom extension to the master bedroom. Sometimes from a design standpoint is not always functional and with a bathroom that will be getting used constantly, you will want it to be designed according to a usability factor since after all the bathroom will need to fit your lifestyle needs. In some cases, if you are considering renovations to your power room bathroom, your design choices will affect your house guests as well since this will be the bathroom that they will use when visiting as well.

Making the Most of Your Dollars

If you are trying to get the best bang for your buck, there are a few ways you can cut corners when designing your bathroom renovations. First, it is highly recommended to keep the new bath’s plumbing fixtures like the existing floor plan so that new pipes/ wiring does not need to be moved can save hundreds of dollars. However, in a situation where the home is very old or outdated, a professional contractor may find that the pipes and wiring may need to be replaced anyway which may be a good time to move them to a new location if purchasing new ones already during the project. If your budget is tight and you are looking to make your room feel larger than it is without expensive expansions, a few tricks can be done for this purpose. Installing pedestal sinks are a great space saver option when choosing counters. Another great option is installing a glass shower door to make the room feel more spacious since a shower curtain will block light making it feel more enclosed. Another visual item to increase the space of the room is choosing a larger mirror for the vanity as well.

JFC Remodeling, out of Howell, Michigan, offers a variety of construction services for the home including: kitchen and bath remodeling, flooring renovations, and home remodeling.  You can find out more information at or by reaching out to our home renovation specialists at 810.923.1123.

Tips Before You Start A New Home Remodeling Project

Starting a new home remodeling project can be very exciting but a few costly mistakes can turn your excitement into feelings of disappointment and frustration if the process is not thought through completely from start to finish. Unexpected issues or surprising circumstances can stretch your budget, but the good news is many of these issues can be avoided if a person pays attention to warning signs. Below we will give a few helpful tips to consider before beginning a home remodel project and how to make your home remodeling process smooth and enjoyable.

Create a Realistic Budget

The first step when planning any home remodeling project is, to begin with a budget and a realistic one at that. It is important to have a budget to keep costs in check. One major mistake that is made is that many homeowners have a dream design in their minds that does not always add up to the same cost of what they planned for the remodel. Having a true understanding of the pricing of materials and labor if hiring a professional home contractor will help to diminish any false expectations that may come up during the process. Another piece of decision-making for a remodel is what items you wish to splurge on the most. Choosing these items before beginning will help to keep other details of the budget in line and in balance. It’s a good idea to think about which items you will use most frequently and may help you decide their worth with a higher price tag. If working with a tighter budget, knowing that cosmetic changes are easily changed in the future will also make the planning process a little simpler.

Understand the Timeline

Not only can false expectations of cost play a factor but also in timeframes on how long the remodel will take. A professional remodeler will be much more efficient and can get a job done more quickly than a standard DIY. Living in a home during a home remodel can be a very trying experience for many homeowners since after all the main areas that many people choose to renovate are their kitchens and bathrooms. These two rooms are used constantly in our homes so when a room can be all torn apart or dust flying everywhere, it is bound to be a little stressful at times. The construction for some people can be too much to deal with so it may be a good opportunity to go on a vacation, rent/ stay with friends and family for a few days or weeks if possible. If timing is going to be an issue, you must go over these details with your contractor so that you fully understand the complexity or decide if simpler changes can be made instead.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

No home renovation will be completely stress- free and keeping a positive twist on your perspective will make the entire process easier to complete. Being prepared for days of things not going as planned and knowing that not every detail of the remodeling project will be exactly as you imagined. Sometimes the cost will have to be adjusted, or the project didn’t finish when you were expecting but that doesn’t mean the world has to end. Keeping your eye on the prize and know that remodeling your home will not last forever. If you have concerns during the remodeling process, always talk it through with your professional contractor and know that they are there to help make the process as pleasant as possible and at the end of the day they have the same goal as you do to have your home looking its best.

JFC Remodeling is a full-service licensed contractor out of Howell, Michigan.  Specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovationsflooring upgrades, and home remodelingservices.  More information can be found online at