2023 Power Sector Trends

The energy transition into clean energy has ramped up throughout the United States, bringing the Inflation Reduction Act – a variety of tax credits and other incentives – with it. Governments and corporations are motivated to implement decarbonization goals while driving renewable and energy storage options. 

However, some hiccups in the road, including supply chain complications, inflation, soaring interest rates, and an anti-dumping solar trade have stalled the transition a bit. Despite the setbacks, electric vehicles (EVs) are experiencing immense growth in sales, though some questions linger regarding how tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act will be fulfilled. 

Power systems in 2023 are anticipating three main challenges, according to Arne Olson, senior partner at Energy and Environmental Economics: 

  1. Extreme weather conditions – heat waves, wildfires, and storms can cause severe damage
  2. Phasing out fossil fuels – coal, natural gas, petroleum, etc.  
  3. Supply chain – delays the development of new resources

Utilities and lawmakers are tediously trying to battle these challenges by updating load forecasts based on weather patterns and more. 

EV sales almost doubled in 2022 and could double again in 2023 as billions in federal incentives hit the market. Thanks to the Biden-Harris Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan, EV infrastructure was boosted by $7.5 billion to implement a national network of 500,000 vehicle chargers. 

Throughout 2022, the solar industry saw reduced growth because of ongoing global supply chain disruptions and the enactment of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Solar Company Hanwha Q Cells announced in early 2023 it will commit $2.5 billion to develop its solar production in Georgia. 

The hydrogen industry saw immense growth in 2022, much due to the 2021 Department of Energy’s bipartisan infrastructure law, which injected $8 billion into the hydrogen clean energy program. This was closely followed by the Inflation Reduction Act, which offered novel tax credits for low-carbon hydrogen production. 

Energy storage is slated to produce massive growth in 2023 as governments expand their carbon reduction goals. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, wind and solar are in high demand as developers and power plant owners look to increase utility-scale battery storage capacity by four times in the next three years. 


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Transformative Tech Trends

Another year has begun, which means there are inevitably new technological trends slated to release throughout time. This year, tech is trending at an exponential pace. Keep an eye on the developments below and watch them grow throughout 2023. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI is everywhere, and it will advance even more in 2023. Between software, services, chips, and more, AI will be present in operational efficiencies, adaptive processes, higher performance, and stronger security. The implementation of AI has skyrocketed during the pandemic, especially since they aid in adaptivity and resilience. AI is only expected to grow throughout 2023, embracing effortless drag-and-drop interfaces, meaning no code will be necessary. In the early days of computers, users needed to understand DOS to interact with the machine, but now, everyone uses computers without understanding the technical jargon and background programming. Similarly, AI will soon become more user-friendly and functional without coding knowledge. 

Quantum Computing
Remember these words: quantum computing. They might seem inconspicuous today, but this technology which uses subatomic particles to form novel processing pathways and information storage is the future of computing. Even the best processors today cannot compete with quantum computers’ ability to solve complex problems swiftly. With government and industry investments poised for growth, hardware and software looks to be progressing upward. 

A huge aspect of technology in 2023 will be establishing trust between applications and end-users. Various ways exist to establish secure access depending on the program or instance. This year, a shift in managing trust will enable security mechanisms to function properly. With trust comes a huge responsibility of protecting vital information, so safety must be heightened to accommodate.  

High-speed wireless broadband is adapting at lightning speed, with the ability to power augmented reality, whole-home video distribution, telemedicine, gaming, and more. Wi-fi 6E and 7 will use the 6 GHz band, complementing the emerging global 10G. 

Cloud infrastructure is already a large part of today’s technology, but in 2023 it is expected to expand even more. Industries such as banking, healthcare, and manufacturing are shifting toward a responsive platform backed by precise options for their specific industry. With an even greater level of adaptability, functionality, and innovation, cloud-based data is edging its way to the top for many businesses. 


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Generator Operation Safety

Do you have a backup power plan when the electrical grid goes down? Generators are an excellent option for supplying you and your loved ones with power; however, these powerful machines can be deadly. Whether you’re new to using a generator or well-versed, keeping a few things in mind to operate them safely is vital.  

Kevin Cole, the senior associate engineer for Generac, said, “The single biggest thing you can do to run a generator safely is plan how to use your generator before you need it.” 

Generators can be portable or standby, the latter meaning that they are permanently hooked up to your property. Home standby generators immediately turn on once power is lost. Both generators have five parts: an internal combustion engine, alternator, starter, fuel tank, and outlets. 

Before you decide on a generator, consider the following: 

Electrical Load: Ensure the generator you choose can safely handle the power capacity you need and then some. If you lowball the power capacity, it will only power some electronics with insufficient voltage. Think of a utility “brown out,” which can damage many electronic devices. 

Transfer Switch: With portable generators comes a manual transfer switch, which connects by a thick, heavy-duty cable, or “genset cord,” plugged into an outdoor outlet. Transfer switches help to isolate circuits needing power, separates the house from the grid, prevent back-feeding electricity, and helps to avoid electrical fires. 

GFCI Safety: The National Electrical Code (NEC) demands that dual-voltage (120V and 240V) generators have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets. GFCI generators need a transfer switch, also required by the NEC. 

Correct Cord: If you don’t have a transfer switch installed, you can safely operate appliances while directly plugged into the generator. Refrigerators, power tools, televisions, etc., can run through long-distance extension cords. Make sure the line is thick and rated for exterior use. 

Ground Rod: If you plug a heavy-duty extension cord into the generator, do not connect the generator to a ground rod. However, ground rods should be used when powering circuits through a transfer switch. 

Location: Never, under any circumstances, operate a generator in a garage, utility building, basement, or shed. Even with open doors or windows, carbon monoxide can collect and become deadly. It has no scent and is virtually invisible to human detection. Always point a generator’s exhaust away from the house. 

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How to Buy a Home in Nine Steps

Homeownership can be both rewarding and daunting, especially for new buyers. If you’re in the market for a new home and aren’t sure what the procedures are, follow these nine steps to help guide you in the right direction. 

  1. Research: It’s important to start checking magazines, newspapers, and websites for real estate listings. Check with family and friends for potential listings as well. Monitor listings you are interested in by following the asking prices and the length of time on the market. Once you have an idea of what to expect, this will give you an idea of the area’s market. 
  • Budget: Next, find out how much you can afford by multiplying your annual income by three to five times, and calculate the total with a 20 percent down payment. 
  • Vetting: Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is not the same as getting pre-approved. Both are vital aspects of homeownership. Getting pre-qualified involves supplying a mortgage company with your overall debt, income, and assets. Pre-approvals are based on the borrower’s credit, and a background check is typically involved as well. 
  • Agent: Without an insider showing you properties or notifying you of new sales, you will probably be late in the game. Real estate agents know the home buying process, can negotiate prices, inspections, and the like, and are also familiar with many communities. 
  • Offer: Once you have fallen for a specific home, you and the seller must agree on a price. Work with your real estate agent to negotiate an offer based on your budget, the neighborhood comparable, and more. Once the buyer and seller agree on a price, the house will go into escrow until the other steps are complete. 
  • Inspect: After placing an offer, it’s important to test specific aspects, such as plumbing, electrical systems, windows, doors, etc., for functionality. Ask your real estate agent for a home inspector recommendation. The home will be under contingency based on the results of the inspection, giving you time to renegotiate or withdraw your offer based on the findings. 
  • Mortgage: There are many different versions of mortgages, which are generally priced competitively based on the programs available. Whether you are trying to keep your monthly payments low or ensure they do not increase, lenders can find you exactly what you need. 
  • Appraisal: To give a fair estimate of what the home is worth, lenders will arrange for a third-party company to come in and assess the premises.
  • Closing: There’s a lot of paperwork associated with buying a home, so once the documents are in order, it’s time to close the sale. When everything is signed, funds will need to be delivered to the seller. After the seller receives the funds, the home is yours.

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The Evolution of Printing

As we age, technology progresses. With that progression comes the inevitable retirement of countless devices we have come to use throughout our daily lives. Some obsolete examples have been phased out, including rotary phones, floppy disks, CDs, pagers, cassette tapes, typewriters, etc. While some have been repurposed or had a comeback (vinyl records, we’re looking at you), most have faded into oblivion, written in history books to come. 

Speaking of books, these printed paperback and hardcover reading materials have also dwindled in popularity. Newspapers, magazines, and other paper media all rely on the printing press, which has a history of its own. 

Johannes Gutenberg is credited for the invention of the printing press; however, records show China was printing documents roughly 150 years prior. Wang Chen developed a woodblock printing process in 1297, but it took approximately 100 years (the year 1440) for the technology to reach Europe, which was when Gutenberg’s metal version emerged. Gutenberg’s invention used his own ink, designed to adhere to metal instead of wood. He also pioneered replica casting, the process of using a metal mold to create letters with lead. 

As the printing press gained popularity throughout Europe and North America, the way in which people communicated vastly changed. Prior to this novel invention, literacy and education were only available to the elite and wealthy. 

Through the years, the printing press has evolved and changed with time. However, in the past 25 years, critics are suggesting it will soon be obsolete. With the emergence of the digital age, press and printing rooms have dwindled, shuttering at staggering rates. The Los Angeles Times, for example, will close its downtown LA printing facility in 2024. 

But what does all of this mean for the future of print publication? For some communities, newspaper companies are feeding a niche market, as they remain relevant and provide some of the only local news for small towns. Hyperlocal, pertinent news is still attracting many readers, which appeals to advertisers. 

Printing is not a dying art; rather, the industry is seeing astounding growth in advertising. The Global Commercial Printing Market is expected to produce a valuation of $484.22 billion by 2027, an increase of 12 percent from 2021. 

Pratik Mistry, author of “The Future of Print Industry in 2023 and Beyond,” said, “In America, 25,000 companies are specialists in commercial printing. It generates approximately $900 billion in revenue annually. Single-wide press with additional or all-color pages, a Jaw folder with quarter folding, and quality automation perfectly addresses the next chapter for newspapers.” 

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Explaining Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is a common condition that can have many causes. This article discusses how to minimize symptoms and explore treatment options for this widespread issue. 

Since the wrist joint plays a crucial role in countless fundamental movements, the slightest twinge of pain can interfere with daily activities and negatively impact the quality of life. 

The wrist contains numerous tiny joints connecting the hand and forearm bones. Pain can stem from tension, injury, and more. 

More specific causes of wrist pain include: 

  • Osteoarthritis: inflammation of the joints causing the cartilage to diminish
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: swollen tendons and sheaths in the wrist/thumb/hand
  • Tendonitis: small tears in the tendons result in inflammation, irritation, pain
  • Bursitis: teeny fluid-filled sacs become enlarged, causing pain
  • Cysts: soft in nature, developing at the base of the back of the hand
  • Sprains: overstretching can cause a plethora of symptoms ranging from achy to sharp pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: marked by numbness, tingling, weakness, clicking sound, or low grip

If your wrist pain interferes with everyday activities or symptoms worsen over time or become complicated, it’s important to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Physical exams and symptom reviews will provide the doctor with enough information to provide a treatment which might include immobilization, splints, exercises/stretches, corticosteroid injections, or surgery. 

To avoid wrist interference in the future, try to practice the following: 

  • Use proper posture at work, keeping wrists relaxed 
  • Invest in a wrist keyboard or rest 
  • Avoid stress on the hands and wrists when using hand tools 
  • Regularly take breaks while typing 
  • Apply wrist guards while participating in sports to prevent injuries

Elude wrist impairment by avoiding overuse, overextension, injuries, etc. Depending on the severity and location, treatment will vary. While damage is not always preventable, managing underlying health conditions is an effective way to minimize pain. 

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Valuing Medical Equipment

Establishing the Fair Market Value (FMV) of heavy medical equipment is a multi-layered process. Linear accelerators accrue many costs when adding up the various parts. To better understand how to form a proper valuation, keep reading to become familiar with commonly used appraisal terms. 

Fair Market Value (FMV)
Also known as “retail” value, FMV is the price a buyer should anticipate paying to have the device relocated and installed at their location. Software relicensing, commissioning, and accessories required to operate the equipment are all extra fees. 

Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV)
Sometimes referred to as “wholesale” value, OLV is the price a buyer can expect when selling an “as-is, where-is” product. 

In Place Value (IPV)
Another name for IPV is “turn-key” or patient-ready value. It takes into account the values associated with the machine, including the cost of installation, commissioning, software licensing, regulation, accessories, and residual warranty coverage. 

Some factors that impact the medical equipment’s valuation include: 

  • Age 
  • Configuration
  • Physical condition
  • Useful life left
  • Software version
  • Functionality
  • Removal path
  • Resale market demand
  • Wear and tear
  • Geography


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Exploring Home Remodel ROI

According to a new study published by “Today’s Homeowner,” most home improvement projects do not necessarily pay for themselves. To calculate a homeowner’s Return on Investment (ROI), researchers estimated the total value of certain improvements added to a home based on its sale price. Then, they divided the extra value by the project’s average cost. 

Only one out of 34 different remodeling projects in 70,000 homes broke even: replacing a garage door. Some other improvements did come close to breaking even, however. Wood windows came in with an estimated 96 percent of the cost, and a screened-in porch was 93 percent. Replacing wooden decks with composite was another higher ROI, at 87 percent.

For all projects, the average was 69 percent ROI. Finishing a basement had the smallest ROI, at a mere 23 percent. For the right buyer, though, finished basements make all the difference. 

Home improvements and repairs are expected to jump to $485 billion in 2023, with kitchen and bathroom renovations returning up to 75 percent of costs. 

While the outlook might look grim, resale price is only one way to measure value. If a home renovation increases energy efficiency or reduces insurance premiums, it’s an ROI, but differently.  

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, the best value for ROI is countertops and appliances, according to the study. Smaller kitchens tend to have a higher ROI than larger ones. 

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Jackson to Share Water with Napoleon Township Thanks to $5M Grant 

The city of Jackson will now share its water with over 6,800 Napoleon Township residents thanks to a $5 million federal grant from the Consolidated Appropriations Act. 

Due to limitations and environmental concerns about its own water system, the township inquired into this partnership, according to Jackson Spokesman Aaron Dimick. The new 16-inch water main will be constructed over roughly nine-and-a-half miles along M-50 to Napoleon Township. 

United States Representative Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, proposed the Napoleon/M-50 Water Main Transmission Project as part of his 2022 member-designated projects. 

Walberg said, “Having had many conversations with local officials and constituents throughout Jackson County, it is clear that Napoleon Township is in significant need of water system improvements as they are outgrowing their existing system.” 

There is no specific timeline for the project, but Napoleon Township will secure capital to cover the cost of using Jackson water. City officials said the partnership would not cause Jackson water customers to accrue any extra fees. 

Napoleon Township Supervisor Dan Glalagher said, “This grant for a new, consistent source of clean water will greatly help Napoleon’s future business development, enhance growth of the area, and provide a backbone for the community’s long range goals.” 

Jackson’s Director of Public Works, Mike Osborn, said, “Our water treatment plant has the capacity to produce 24 million gallons of treated water a day and we’re currently only producing five million a day, so our facility definitely has the ability to be a regional water source.” 

A total of 16 groundwater wells are tapped into for Jackson’s water, which goes into the Earth about 400 feet below the surface of an underground aquifer. Then, the water is transferred by pump to a water treatment plant, where it is cleaned and tested. 

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Refining IPB Design

Isolated-Phase Bus (IPB) systems are vital in transferring bulk electricity through the grid. For decades, IPBs have been centered around the original designs from General Electric (GE) and Westinghouse, which led the industry. Now, improvements to insulators, mountings, and housings have elevated the model, making them even more reliable. 

IPBs transfer a power plant’s heavy amperage (between 6,000 to 45,000) among the generator’s output bushings and the main step-up (GSU) transformer. Because of their invaluable role, it is crucial that IPBs provide an extreme amount of consistency to ensure power plants function without outages, downtime, or equipment damage.

Now, enhancements made to IPBs aimed to improve the original design include refinements to IPB insulators, insulator mountings, the continuous housing assembly, and more. New IPBs have great -strength and hold high-creep porcelain insulators that can provide better resistance against tracking to the ground. 

While most IPBs require costly space heaters and specialized pressurization systems to control condensation, the new versions have specific dew point ratings, which help to reduce impending failures associated with wet weather.

Other IPB designs require opening the mounting or cover plate before they can be inspected or cleaned. This tedious step increases the risk of damage or incorrect re-installation. The newer IPBs have fewer required insulators per linear span and have a built-in “window” that offers an easy way to visually inspect the interior. 

New IPB models also eliminate the need for a separate ground bus, as the enclosure acts as its own ground plane. Without voltage potential, IPBs can fail due to inter-sectional arcing. Plant engineers and maintenance managers have a duty to safeguard personnel or equipment faults. 

IPBs have never been more reliable thanks to the new-and-improved design. 


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