Things to Know About Radiotherapy

Cancer is a disease which currently affects more than 1 in 2 people, and it’s safe to say that this awful disease destroys lives up and down the world, every single day. Whilst we do look set to finally be winning the war against cancer, there is still a long way to go before we are fully victorious. Thanks to the huge advances in modern technology and modern medicine, currently the treatments used to combat cancer are advancing at an astonishing rate, and are looking more successful than ever.

Linear accelerator services are very highly sought after, due to the fact that radiotherapy is one very common and very effective method of treating cancer. But why are linear accelerator services so popular, and exactly how does radiotherapy work? Well, to help make things a little easier to understand, let’s take a look at a few key facts associated with linear accelerator services, and radiotherapy.

What are linear accelerators? – Linear accelerators, or LINAC machines, are specially created machines which utilize concentrated dosages of x-rays to attack and destroy cancerous tumours located within human bodies. The x-rays are emitted via microwave technology, and actually conform to the exact shape of the cancerous tumour of the patient, which helps ensure that surrounding tissue within the body is well protected.

Facts about radiotherapy – So, as you can see from the above, LINAC machines are very effective for treating cancer, so naturally, linear accelerator services are in very high demand. But do you really know all there is to know about radiotherapy? If not, then take a look at the following, as we now look at a few facts associated with radiotherapy:

Radiotherapy comes in multiple forms – Whilst the most common form of radiotherapy comes as x-rays, other forms include: superficial x-rays, electrons, and brachytherapy. The treatment works as x-rays are able to penetrate the skin and attack the cancerous tumours, destroying cancer cells and hopefully destroying the tumour in the process.

Radiotherapy can last weeks – The exact duration of your radiotherapy treatments will vary according to which form of cancer you may be suffering with, and how advanced it has become. Generally speaking however, most courses of radiotherapy treatments range from 2 weeks up to 4 weeks in total.

Side effects may not appear right away – While radiotherapy produces far fewer side effects than other treatments such as chemotherapy, there are some which may arise. What’s more, most side effects will not appear until several weeks later, after the final radiotherapy session has been completed.

Linear accelerators can be customized accordingly – With linear accelerator services, an oncologist will perform a CT scan and will then send info to the computer, telling it the shape and size of the cancerous tumour. Here, the x-rays will then conform to the exact shape and size of the tumour, and will then be beamed into the patient’s body, to attack the tumour, sparing the surrounding tissue.

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Four Common Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a truly awful disease that claims countless lives up and down the globe, every single day. As horrible as the disease is, the good news is that we are finally beginning to win the war against cancer, as for the first time in history, more people diagnosed with the disease, are surviving as opposed to passing away. This is all because of the numerous cancer treatment methods and devices currently available to us.

When it comes to treating cancer, choosing an oncology equipment service company is vital as you must ensure your machines and devices are all in full working order. To help get a better idea of how we are now able to treat numerous cancers, below you will find a list looking at four of the most common cancer treatments currently being utilized in medical practices and hospitals all across the globe.

Chemotherapy – When people think of cancer treatment, generally it is chemotherapy that often springs to mind first. Chemotherapy is a type of therapy where specialist drugs are used in an attempt to destroy cancerous cells. The drugs literally poison and destroy the cells, but as they are so powerful, they do cause some pretty awful side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and hair loss.

Radiation therapy – The reason why it’s so important for medical practices to find oncology equipment service company experts is because many cancer treatment devices rely on them to function correctly. Radiation therapy is another common cancer treatment which utilizes large dosages of radiation to destroy cancerous cells. Linear accelerator machines for example, use x-rays to shrink and destroy cancerous tumours located anywhere on the patient’s anatomy.

Thanks to the advanced technology, linear accelerators can be designed so that they target the cancerous tumours, without harming the healthy cells and tissues surrounding the tumour on the patient. Naturally you want these machines to be in full working order, which is why it’s so vital that you find a reliable oncology equipment service company.

Surgery – Another very common and effective cancer treatment is surgery. With cancer surgery, patients will undergo a specialist procedure in which a surgeon will carefully cut away cancerous cells and/or tumours from their body, to remove it and to prevent it from spreading any further. Many cancer removal surgeries are actually very straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes, requiring very little recovery time.

Immunotherapy – Immunotherapy is another example of a very common and effective cancer treatment that is designed to help the body fight cancer from within. With immunotherapy, the immune system of the patient will be used to help fight and destroy cancer from within. The human immune system is the human body’s natural defence against illness and disease; naturally, this can be a very effective treatment.

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Buying a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

We all know how awful of a disease cancer is, we won’t dwell on that today. What we will focus on however, are the countless treatments and preventative methods which are now commonplace in everyday society that are designed to prevent, treat, and even destroy cancer once and for all. For cancerous tumours, linear accelerators, or LINACS, are incredibly effective. These machines concentrate high dosages of X-rays and fire them into cancerous tumours, to help break down and destroy cancerous cells, whilst making sure to spare any healthy tissue surrounding the affected area.

These machines are so effective in treating cancer and are needed to be functioning properly at all times.  Linear accelerator servicing companies are now more highly sought after than ever before.  The question remains though is it always best to go with a brand new model? If you are a fairly small practice, or if you’re just looking to cut back on spending, rather than buying a brand new model, you could instead go with a refurbished model instead. Here’s a look at a few reasons to go with a refurnished linear accelerators.

Cut back on spending – As you can probably guess, linear accelerators are highly sought after, and because of this, brand new models are very costly. These machines literally save lives, so you can imagine how much they may cost brand new. If you’re looking to expand your medical practice or if you just need to get your costs lower, refurbished linear accelerators will be ideal. You can purchase refurbished linear accelerators for considerably less than brand new ones, and if done correctly, they will work just as well, if not better, than brand new models.

Peace of mind – If you’re a small practice and only have one working machine, purchasing a refurbished model is very highly recommended for a number of reasons, including peace of mind. If for example, your current working machine decided to break down, if you have a second machine on site, this would serve as a fantastic back up and you would still be able to treat your patients, rather than deny them treatments which could potentially save their lives.

Grow your practice – Not only is it important to make use of linear accelerators for your patients, it’s also important to make use of these devices to help grow your practice. Remember, you are still a business and you subsequently will still need to grow and expand to help keep up with patient demand. If you have two or more working LINAC machines on site, you will be able to treat more patients at once, and will therefore be able to grow your practice and expand your business.

Improve other aspects of your business – When you purchase refurbished linear accelerators, you are also helping to improve other aspects of your business. You see, when you save money on this machine, you will free up more money to go into other parts of your practice, subsequently improving it as a result.

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How to Find the Best Linear Accelerator Repair Company

Over the last decade or so, modern medicine has advanced at an astonishing rate and as a result of this, for the first time in history more people being diagnosed with various forms of cancer are thankfully surviving, as opposed to losing their lives. Linear accelerators have certainly played a key role in this and these machines are now commonplace in clinics, hospitals, and medical practices all over the globe.

Like most machines it’s important that you repair these devices. This is why linear accelerator repair services are now so highly sought after. The last thing you want is for any of your treatment devices in your clinic to suffer any form of malfunction whatsoever, so finding the best linear accelerator repair services, is essential. When you hire these repair experts however, you need to know that you’re hiring the best company you can find. To help make this process a little easier, below you will find a series of tips based upon finding the best linear accelerator repair services in your region.

Look into several companies – To ensure that your LINAC is in the best possible hands, ideally you will want to look into several companies before you commit to hiring anybody. Remember, there are a good few companies out there now specializing in LINAC repair, and like all businesses, some are better than others. The last thing you want is to find a company is unable to repair your machine, or worse still, find that they have caused further problems, so look into numerous companies in your area, and create a shortlist.

Browse their websites – Once you have a list of several companies specializing in linear accelerator repair, the next thing you should do is start narrowing down your hunt by browsing their websites. Take a look at their websites and see what you can find out. Ideally you should look at which services they provide, how long they have been in business, how much experience they have, which qualifications they have, and anything else that you may deem useful. If the site and company looks amateurish, or if they aren’t too experienced, you may wish to focus your attention onto another company.

Read reviews – The great thing about the web is the fact that people can now review pretty much anything, at any time, so you should be able to find reviews left by previous customers of the repair company in question. Take a look online and see what other medical facilities and treatment centres have to say about the repair company you’re looking into. If there are positive reviews, you’re on the right path, but if there are a fair few negative reviews, you may wish to steer clear as LINAC machines must always be in full working order due to the fact that they play such an important role in the cancer treatment world.

Don’t focus on price – As LINAC machines are so important, and potentially so dangerous, you must ensure that yours are in full working order, so you literally can’t afford to cut corners. If your machine picks up a fault, do not look for the cheapest repair service you can find, instead, look for the most experienced and most professional.

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Useful Tips for Purchasing a Linear Accelerator

Over the last couple of decades, modern medicine has advanced at a mind-blowing rate. As a result, for the first time ever, survival rates for cancer patients are higher than ever before. Of each person diagnosed with the disease, more people are surviving than losing their lives, and that is hugely encouraging. Cancer treatments are more advanced than ever, especially in terms of radiotherapy. Linear accelerators for example, save countless lives every single day.

If your practice doesn’t yet offer linear accelerator support, you should seriously think about changing things as soon as you can. Linear accelerators emit x-rays to target and destroy cancerous tumours, but purchasing these devices isn’t as simple as you may have thought. Making use of linear accelerator support is more important than ever, so here is a look at a few handy tips for purchasing a linear accelerator (LINAC) for your practice.

Do you want new or used? – As mentioned, LINAC devices are incredibly advanced, and they help save lives every single day. As you can probably imagine, these devices do not come cheap, so you will need to bear this in mind when you decide on which machine to purchase. Ideally for your practice, a brand new machine will be more reliable and may function slightly better too. However, do not think that refurbished LINAC devices should be avoided because if chosen correctly, they can be just as reliable as brand new ones, if not more.  The best part is that they can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Basically, look at your budget and requirements and decide on which machine would be best for your practice.

Speak to the experts – This is where it really pays to contact linear accelerator support, as they will be able to tell you everything you need to know about purchasing your first linear accelerator. Simply tell them the size of your practice, your rough budget, your specifications and requirements, and anything else you deem useful. What’s more, by contacting linear accelerator support, you can also ask questions and get a better understanding about how LINAC machines work, and which model would be best for your practice. Before purchasing any new machines, always speak to the experts first and see what they have to say on the matter.

Read online reviews – As LINAC machines are so popular, and so effective, they are being produced by companies all over the globe, so finding the right device for you can be tricky. With some many devices to choose from, if you are new to the whole LINAC experience, it can be tough knowing where to begin. Ideally you should take a look online and look for popular manufacturers and models of linear accelerator. Here, you should read real reviews left by people who have purchased them for their clinics etc, and see what they have to say. Ideally you want a device with a lot of positive feedback, so take your time, read reviews, and see what others have to say.

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Quality Equipment In The Medical Field

In a medical setting the difference between life and death can be a matter of seconds.  This is why it is crucial that all medical equipment is running properly at all times.  When linear accelerators fail and need to be repaired it is important that the parts are readily available, it is serviced quickly, and is fixed correctly the first time.  It’s inevitable that equipment is going to break down.  That is a fact that medical facilities must face.  Equipment will need to be serviced, especially when it is used on a regular basis.  This is why it is vital to access to both the parts and technicians that can get you back up and running.

For everyone who is not familiar with medical terms and are thinking what in the world is the linear accelerator allow me to explain a little bit more for you. A linear accelerator is a device that imparts high velocity and energy to atomic and subatomic particles. This particular device is super important for radiation therapy along with other areas in the medical and science fields. The linear accelerator is an apparatus used commonly in radiotherapy and the treatment of cancerous tumors.

For all the readers out there who are visual, like I am, the linear accelerator is a device that is used to accelerate radioactive particles that are beamed into different areas body.  The goal of treatment using a LINAC is to target the cancerous tumors while minimizing damage to normal tissue.  You can see how important this device is to both doctors and patients.  The linear accelerator machine will target a specific area and treat that area without causing broad range damage to other areas of the body.

There are many individual parts on a linear accelerator machine that work together in just the right way to allow the machine to function properly.  It is so important that the linear accelerator is functioning properly in order for doctors to diagnosis and treat patients properly.  This is why it’s so vital when you need a repair specialist you choose the right one from the get go.

Hiring a linear accelerator repair specialist isn’t always an easy task.  You want someone who knows exactly what they are doing because to be honest you can’t afford to have a defective device when it comes to treating patients.  It is important to establish a relationship with your linear accelerator and CT scanner repair specialist.  This will ensure that when your equipment goes down that they will have a service provider out to as soon as the repair is needed.

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Hiring the Right Linear Accelerator Service Specialist

Cancer is a big dilemma of the present times. While some types of cancers are treatable, others remain without cures. There are several treatment methods that are used by medical professionals to stabilize the life of cancer patients and even prolong it if possible. These treatments often include chemotherapy and radiation machines.

There are a number of medical facilities that are home to machines responsible for providing radiation to cancer patients. They are also known as LINAC systems. Intricate in their technology, it takes lots of investment to buy these systems and maintain them for effective functioning. It can become a real problem for many cancer patients if these systems suddenly stop working. For this purpose, medical facilities are often supported by a linear accelerator service specialist.

A linear accelerator service specialist is a professional skilled in repairing the LINAC systems. They have the right knowledge and experience to resolve any maintenance issue with the machines.

In order hire the right linear accelerator service specialist, ensure that the person has can comply with the following:

Professional Degree

A degree or specialization in repairing the radiation machines is very helpful in determining the skill set of the person you hire. A degree ensures that the linear service specialist has a fair knowledge of how the machine works and engineering required to maintain it at a functioning level.

Quick Thinking

Intricate machinery can be unpredictable at times. Often, it is not easy to identify problems and it can take days to restore its function. However, a linear service specialist with quick thinking can either determine the problems soon or provide an alternative solution that will work for the time being. It is important to restore these systems as quickly as possible because they are responsible for the health of many cancer patients.

Associated with an Organization

Instead of hiring a separate individual who specializes in this field, it is better to hire the help of a professional company that provides such engineer. Such companies have more credibility and reliability as compared to individuals. They often provide their employees with specific training that keeps updating their knowledge and a set of complementary services as well.

Patience and Professionalism

Machines are not easy to understand. Therefore, you need a person who has the patience to deal with tough issues. Moreover, you need individuals that can show professionalism. Medical facilities are run on specific rules and it important that the hired person can comply with these rules. They should also understand their responsibilities so that they can add to the productivity of the environment around them.

Machines are quite expensive to install and you should hire a linear accelerator service specialist that can maintain them properly. They should be able to understand the importance of the LINAC systems and the investment required to run them. Use a thorough process to come across the right individual for this job as you don’t want to invest money in the wrong place or damage the expensive units.

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Advantages Of Refurbished Medical Equipment

There are a number of advantages that medical facilities will benefit from when buying refurbished medical equipment and supplies over brand new.

Of course the very first advantage seen with buying refurbished linear accelerators or CT scanners or any large scaled item is that it will save you money!  With the cost of large scaled medical equipment reaching easily into the millions we are talking about a significant savings.  A new linear accelerator can costs between three and four million dollars.  Buying a refurbished unit, even at a thirty percent discount saves the facility one point two million dollars.  That is a huge savings!

The one major concern many facilities have is that the savings they are seeing in buying a refurbished unit will be spent on serving the unit.  The truth is that refurbished equipment is just as reliable as brand new equipment with one advantage.  If a refurbished machine breaks down parts and service are more readily available.  Older units are easier to find parts for than newer units simply because they have been around longer.

Manufacturers have become familiar what parts on certain models are more susceptible to needing to be replaced or serviced.  Whereas brand new equipment just being introduced to the market has yet to establish issue that may arise.  In many cases new equipment diagnosis takes longer than refurbished equipment.  The issues are more unknown and are still being discovered.  Parts and service on new equipment may also be more difficult to find because technicians aren’t as familiar with new models and parts are still be used in manufacturing original units.

Rest assured with refurbished medical equipment.  It does the exact same job that a new piece does at up to fifty percent cheaper.  Although there is never a guarantee that equipment will fail the chance of failure remains the same between the two options.  The process of refurbishing medical equipment is incredibly thorough.  Highly skilled, trained Biomedical Professionals work to restore each piece of equipment back to its original form.  Refurbished equipment including linear accelerators aren’t put on the market to be sold until it has gone through arduous testing, assessments, and has  support documentation detailing the unit meets the original manufacturers standards.

There are a number of benefits when it comes to purchasing and using refurbished medical equipment although the most obvious are the cost savings and ability to obtain replacement parts and service quickly.  You can find suppliers of refurbished medical equipment, parts and services online today.

Acceletronics delivers the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models.  Our qualified oncology equipment specialists provide a quality customer experience across the USA with timely field maintenance.  We sell, repair, refurbish, move and finance oncology medical systems check out more at