In order to create a proper estate plan you need to have an understanding of not only your investments but also your personal possessions.  It is also crucial that you are aware of and working with an attorney knowledgeable of the local laws and regulations.   The entire process can seem quite overwhelming if you don’t have the right professionals working with you to create a flawless estate plan to help ensure your estate avoids probate upon your passing.

A qualified estate planning attorney is best equipped to help you through this complex spider web of organizing your assets and creating a solid plan of action in the event of your untimely passing.  It is important to recognize that there is a difference between the types of attorneys that can help you create an estate plan verse one that can get you out of a criminal charge, divorce, or other such legal matters.

In order to create a flawless estate plan it is important that you work directly with an attorney that specializes in estate planning and a variety of issues that come along with aging such as elder law, probate law, wills and trusts, and more.  In this installment on estate planning we will share with you three tips to help you in finding and utilizing an attorney specializing in creating estate plans.

  • Ask your family and friends for references to attorneys that they may have previously used to create their estate plans.  Working with an attorney in estate planning that you already have a remote connection to can generally start the process in the right direction.  The process of creating a plan for the transfer of your estate can be complex and complicated.  Working with a proven trust worthy attorney from the state can help.
  • Get professional references from your financial advisor. They have inside information when it comes to working with area attorneys.  Your financial advisor is incredibly familiar with your financial assets.  They have worked in conjunction with many area attorneys and can guide you to a reputable estate planning attorney from the start. It is beneficial that your attorney and financial advisor have a working relationship as well to ease future transactions with the estate.
  • Take time to spend researching the internet for not only estate planning attorney reviews but also information that is up to date on estate planning. The more you know about estate planning ahead of time the more prepared you will be.  Finding a local estate planning attorney is in your best interest as they will know the ins and outs of the estate regulations in your area.  The internet is a great source to get additional information to help make an educated decision.

As you start looking for an estate planning attorney remember to check for solid references from family, friends and trusted professionals.  To follow up recommendations and to gain more understanding of the process head to the internet for additional research.

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