A linear accelerator is a piece of high radio-frequency (RF) equipment that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate charged electrons to high energies inside a tube-like structure called the accelerator waveguide. This is the most common device to treat cancer with external beam radiation.

LINAC systems are usually scheduled to plan round the clock treatments for weeks and months at a time.  The only time the systems are not in use is during scheduled maintenance, unexpected downtime, and the installation of new pieces of radiation oncology equipment.  Maintenance is planned on machinery to avoid interruption to the treatment of patients this also helps to prevent any unexpected downtime from equipment failure.

LINAC systems require a preventive maintenance plan and will address four critical as explained below:

  • Electrical Distribution Systems

The electrical component is a regular electrical utility system having industrial type switching gear, duct banks, transformers and low voltage distribution appliances. The part requires routine, periodic and preventive maintenance and ad-hoc repair in the event of a breakdown. Support will need regular shutdown of the facility for execution of preventive maintenance plan be carried out.

  • Mechanical Utility Systems

For a high-efficiency and precision focus, the mechanical utility systems deliver precision mechanical jobs as parts for linear accelerators. It comprises of conventional and industrial equipment including water and air compressors which require regular maintenance including routine inspections during operation. It is necessary to monitor the equipment routinely to detect faults and handle it before it becomes more prominent than is essential. It is important to replace any part showing signs of wear and to adjust any part needing such adjustment to keep it functioning at its best performance when in use.

  • Radiation Safety Systems

This is the most sensitive parts for LINAC systems and the most protected of all the parts for linear accelerators. The radiation safety systems are vulnerable to damage which can cause the mechanical and electromechanical components to break down and this is why the system must undergo checkups at every shutdown to ensure its leading parts are functioning at optimum performance and must be re-certified as safe before going back into operation. There is the need for approval before maintenance works can be carried out on this part of the system.

  • Pulsed High Voltage Systems

There is the need for preventive maintenance on LINAC systems and their parts to ensure continued function. The klystron/modulator systems are designed to function while some of its components are offline.

Parts for LINAC systems and relevant technical department equipment are designated to be responsible for proper maintenance of radiation oncology equipment. The technical personnel taking charge of linear accelerator maintenance and LINAC system replacement parts know what is at stake if the system should break down.  They are ready to meet the demanding nature of the preventive maintenance for LINAC systems.

The preventive maintenance processes involves daily coordination of LINAC Systems and experimental facility maintenance needs in order to generate schedules for maintenance in order to harmonize maintenance plans with the program for operations of the facilities. The need for planning in maintaining parts for linear accelerators is vital to keep the system working without crises.

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