Laser eye surgery, LASIK, is one of the most common eye surgeries performed in the United States, with millions of procedures being done every year. The procedure is performed by a trained, board-certified ophthalmologist who knows how to do the surgery. Like with any elective surgery you might have done, it is very important that you know all the risks, rewards and understands that there are no guarantees of success.


LASIK – Laser Eye Surgery


Weigh the Risks and Rewards – Be sure that before you go out and have LASIK refractive eye surgery that you have thought through everything completely. You never want to have any type of surgery without weighing everything first and be confident in your decision.


Choosing the Right Eye Surgeon – There are several thousand board-certified ophthalmologists who can perform LASIK and most have already performed thousands of them, depending on how long they have been in practice. However, you need to be sure that you are comfortable with your surgeon before you should allow them to perform a procedure on your eyes. Check around, ask for recommendations from friends and family members.


Determine Myopic Level – Get to know how bad your refractive error is beforehand, so you know upfront about the likelihood that you will need refinements later down the line. As a rule, the more Myopic, nearsighted you are the higher the likelihood you will require additional refinement procedures.


Know What to Expect – LASIK is performed with you 100% awake and therefore you will want to know what to expect during the procedures. You do not want to be surprised by something when you are halfway through your LASIK.


Understand the Risks – Be sure that you understand that with all surgeries that there are several risks involved with LASIK Eye Surgery. Make sure to ask plenty of questions of the surgeon during all consultation visits before you schedule the procedures to be performed.


Know the Limitation of Surgery – There are known limitations to LASIK Refractive Surgery, it is only designed to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism. You could still end up needing to wear glasses depending on your other vision issues.  Also, LASIK will not prevent you from ever needing reading glasses or “readers” later in life.


Take Care Post Surgery – After you have decided to have the surgery done and the procedures are completed, you will be given a list of post-surgery care instructions. Be sure to follow them exactly, they will help you to heal properly and lets you know what some of the possibilities to expect.


Alternative Options – Last but, certainly not least, LASIK is just one of many eye procedures that can be performed to correct several eyesight issues. Be sure to discuss all your options before going with LASIK.


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