Medicare supplemental insurance plans cover most of the cost aspects that the original Medicare plan doesn’t fulfill. The original Medicare plans don’t cover coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. In these situations the coverage obtained through supplemental insurance plans comes into play to fill in the coverage void. These plans are bought from private insurance companies which are most often found by comparing plans and rate options with a supplemental insurance broker.

Medicare supplemental insurance broker:

A medical supplemental insurance broker will provide you with the details of each plan.  They fill participants in on the advantages, disadvantages and find a plan option that best fits the enrollee’s needs both financially and medically. A Medicare supplemental insurance broker helps participants find all the data and cost so that the enrollee will not have to go through the laborious process of individually researching each plan as well as individual plan rates per insurance provider.  In many states Medigap brokers aren’t allowed to charge for their services. They are paid separately from each individual insurance company.

An insurance broker vs. the insurance agent:

There is often a bit of confusion between an insurance broker and an insurance agent.  Insurance agents are the individuals who act on behalf of one insurance company.  Brokers work with a number of private insurance companies.  An insurance agent can only offer the products and services that are offered by their company whereas a broker works an insurance company from many to find the best coverage at the most affordable rate.

Medicare supplemental insurance plan broker:

The services of the Medigap agent and the Medigap broker are different from each other. Medicare supplemental insurance brokers help individuals find the supplemental plan that best fits their need and a company that offers it at the most affordable rate.  They can do this because they are not specifically linked to working for a single insurance company.  This is a huge advantage of working with a Medicare supplemental insurance broker.  All Medicare supplemental insurance policies are the same no matter who they are purchased through.  Plan D through Blue Cross is the same exact policy as Plan D as Assurant.

Using a Medicare supplemental insurance broker ensures that participants get the plan that meets their health care needs provided by an insurance company that is selling it at the most affordable rate.  Since they represent a number of insurance companies they offer a non-bias approach at choosing a Medicare supplemental insurance plan new enrollees.

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