Medicare supplement plans within Arizona are in place for individuals who need additional coverage to offset the gaps within Original Medicare. Individuals may enroll in a Medicare supplemental insurance plan, also referred to as Medigap, which fits their personal health care needs and budget requirements.  Arizona Medigap plans are purchased to help cover the holes that are created from having Original Medicare.

When an individual turns sixty five they qualify to receive Medicare benefits.  Medicare is a federally sponsored insurance plan to help ensure that health care is available to seniors.  Individuals have a six month period in which to enroll in Medicare and subsequently a Medicare supplemental insurance plan.   In order to enroll in Medigap insurance an individual participant must be taking advantage of both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Medicare Plans Arizona

Medicare supplemental plans in Arizona are available through numerous insurance companies.  Many individuals looking at plans will look work with Medicare supplement insurance broker to do a side by side comparison of plans and rates.   These supplement insurance plans help individuals who are currently enrolled under Part A and Part B, otherwise known as Original Medicare. There is a range of plans that help individuals cover costs such as coinsurance, copayments, deductibles, and many out-of-pocket costs that individuals see with enrollment in Original Medicare. The number of Medigap plans available to you will depend on the county within Arizona that you reside.  A Medicare supplemental insurance broker can help you identify what plans are available to you today using just your zip code.

Our federal government has ten approved Medicare supplemental insurance plans for sale in Arizona.  The plans are labeled alphabetically from A to N.  Some plans including E, H, I, & J are no longer available for purchase however individuals currently participating in one of the four may continue to keep theirs.

The one thing that is standard in the Medicare system is that no matter which state you are purchasing a supplemental insurance plan you can guarantee it is the exact same policy and coverage that is purchased elsewhere.  Medicare supplement plan A purchased in Arizona is the same exact policy that an individual in Michigan is also purchasing.

The most basic plan available is supplement plan A.  With this policy you receive Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B preventative coinsurance as well as three pints of blood.  The most expansive supplemental plan, plan F, includes all the benefits found in plan A, skilled nursing, Part B excess, Part A & B deductibles, as well as overseeing emergency care services.  In order to determine the best level of coverage for yourself it is important to consider your lifestyle, genetic predisposition, retirement benefits, current medical conditions, and budget.

Although private insurance companies are required to offer the same uniform policies throughout the United States it does not mean that the premiums they charge will remain the same.  Moreover, it is important to note that not all insurance companies will offer all of the plans.  Some insurance agencies only cover a number of plans and county locations within the state of Arizona.  This is why many individuals choose to work with an online Medicare supplemental insurance plan broker to first compare plans and rates available to them before seeking out a private insurer.

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