Kitchens are a place where people get together and enjoy each other’s company. Despite the actual size of your kitchen, there are tips and tricks to create extra room or give the illusion of a bigger space. While balancing storage, style, and functionality, here are some ideas worth implementing to expand your kitchen.

  1. Shallow cabinets: The standard 24-inch depth is not necessary. Most cabinet lines come in 12- or 15-inch depths, which are typically used for upper cabinets. Using a slimmer-sized cabinet for lower areas has its advantages. By opening floor space, it creates more room in a tight kitchen. While your storage might be reduced slightly, the backs of deep cabinets can be challenging to reach, anyway.
  • Single sink: Double sinks have their uses but consider how much more counter or storage space you could have when you utilize a single sink. If your sink is centered on a window with not a lot of room on either side, it can create a “dead zone” that can’t accommodate much. If you use a smaller cabinet for the sink, it frees up room on either side, opening adjacent cabinets. It’s worth exploring if you don’t use that second sink bowl often.
  • Compact dishwasher: Compact, or “condo-sized” dishwashers, 18-inches in width, are growing in popularity compared to the standard 24-inch-wide dishwashers. Smaller washers fill up faster, meaning they can be run on a full load more often. This is a perfect option for smaller households.
  • Slim fridge: Typically, the large 36-inch models end up full of clutter or stay half empty. If you aren’t much of a chef or don’t shop for fresh produce frequently, try slimming down your fridge to 30 or 28 inches, leaving more room for other essentials.
  • Panel appliances: Designed to be able to receive a design of your choosing, these appliances (fridges and dishwashers) blend into the look of your kitchen cabinets, making the area appear more fluid, larger, and airier.
  • Shelves: A few open shelves can easily hold tableware, storage jars, bins, and cookbooks to expand the room’s feel. By removing the upper cabinets, helps to open a stuffy space.
  • Glass doors: Most solid cabinet doors can be traded in for glass inserts, making way for a more expanded sensation. Glass doors can be frosted or clear while displaying attractive drinkware or other kitchen necessities.

Thinking of implementing some of these ideas or want to expand your kitchen even more?

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