Remodeling your bathroom is a creative, exciting process that could bring out some stress and pressure. To ensure that your new bathroom will stay up-to-date through time, it’s ideal to find the best design for your lifestyle and budget.

Do you know the best placement for a toilet? Is it best to include windows? Is bigger better? All of these questions are valid – but do you know the answer for yourself? Read on to learn more.

Dark, damp bathrooms with little- to no circulation are so last season. Bathrooms are best suited for windows or a skylight, where fresh air and natural light can infiltrate the room. By making your space feel more open and lighter, the bright area will feel more comfortable.

Tucked Away
If your bathroom happens to be located in a space near a public area such as a dining room, living room, or kitchen, it might be helpful to create some separation between the rooms. If there is a straight-shot line of sight between the toilet and the kitchen table, for example, consider moving the toilet. By positioning the toilet deeper within the bathroom, rather than the first thing someone sees when they walk in, creates a feeling of a larger space.

Skip the Curb
Showers typically come with a six-inch (or so) curb, which keeps the water in the designated area. However, these curbs cause many trip-and-fall accidents in bathrooms, especially those that are wet and slippery. Curbless showers make bathrooms feel larger and cleaner. An additional bonus is that they reduce the number of tripping accidents.

Function Over Style
Great bathroom design is based on how it works rather than how it looks. First, ensure you have a more efficient, well-designed bathroom. Style can come second. Larger isn’t necessarily the best route when it comes to bathrooms. Functionality should be at the top of your list.

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