The 2021 ELECTRI International/NECA Electrical Contracting Challenge (ECIC) was won by Wayne State University, Detroit. Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, came in second place, and the University of Toronto ranked third out of 17 teams. Nine teams ended up submitting final projects. The three finalists presented their projects to a panel of NECA judges in Nashville. After answering questions, the judges determined the winner.

The ECIC (formerly known as the Green Energy Challenge) encourages students to think innovatively and apply problem-solving skills to certain situations. This year, all teams were directed to assemble a new residence hall while attending 15 classes regarding Building Information Modeling (BIM) and estimating.

Wayne State University’s proposal focused on innovative solutions for abiding by social distance guidelines in a residence hall in Detroit’s Midtown area. Their plan included reasonably priced on-campus housing, monetary organization, and environmental support.

Iowa State proposed that a residence hall focused on security, sustainability, and an improved user experience. A ground-based photovoltaic system was an aspect of their net-zero option.

The University of Toronto suggested a residence hall aimed at providing superior lighting and security systems, along with accessibility access. A solar photovoltaic system would be implemented along with a net-zero recommendation of solar panels.

A set of construction documents and building information models were given to each team, which became the groundwork for the design and virtual production. Real-world considerations were accounted for, including cost and workforce. 

First place, Wayne State, received a $4,000 prize, while Iowa State and the University of Toronto received $3,000 and $2,000, respectively.

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