The small details are often overlooked yet are vital for a room’s appearance. To express cohesion and vitality, fabric patterns, art pieces, or custom-built cabinets can transform an awkward area into the highlight of the room. Why is it important to pay attention to the little things rather than go with the big-box-store cookie-cutter ideas? Read on to discover why….

Custom-designed furniture, cabinets, or upholstered panels of curated fabric are works of art. The craftspeople who create these fine pieces have honed their skills over many years. Since they aren’t “ready-to-ship” or “put-it-together-yourself” pieces, a higher price point is often included. Crafting these unique pieces can take some time and serious effort. Some semi-custom cabinets aren’t drastically different in price than fully custom. If you’re receiving a bespoke, functional, and aesthetically pleasing item that makes your space more unified and harmonious, what’s not to love?

Shop Small and Support Local Business
Custom-designed pieces are fabricated and installed by professionals who typically have been in the industry for years, if not generations. Most often, these people are located in your own backyard. Hiring professionals puts money into your local economy and keeps artisans employed.

It’s All in the Details
Looking at straight lines and right angles can be similar to viewing perfection. With an eye for detail, these made-to-order custom designers will not only deliver substance but style as well. Having perfectly aligned framing creates an instant wow factor.

Bring it into Balance
Though custom-designed pieces can be pricier, one strategy is to counter-balance the price point in other areas. Try to keep your budget in check by shelling out more money for permanent architectural features and finishes rather than on furniture. Custom-built cabinets, shelving, fireplaces, ceiling details, etc., will all increase the value of your home. An expensive couch that is moveable, easily replaceable, and easily stained will not. Custom pillows can give an inexpensive sofa an updated, luxe finish. If you counter-balance the monetary costs and shop smart, custom-built pieces will be an easier purchase.

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