April showers lead to May…electrical equipment damage? Springtime can bring damaging thunderstorms and flooding. In the typical rainy season throughout the United States, flooding is a byproduct. Determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, flood zones are mapped out based on drainage characteristics, grading, and buildings in the area. Flood exposure depends on whether the building is within the 100-year flood plain. Flood maps are only reliable until the following construction season forces grading to change, which affects drainage. If a building is within an official flood plain, mortgage holders typically require the owner to possess flood insurance.

If electrical equipment has been submerged, it should immediately be de-energized from a safe location, preventing further damage to equipment. Flood water generally affects equipment in a building as it contains sediment such as plant residue, sticks, mud, dirt, hazardous materials, oil, and more. When floods strike, some sort of advanced warning is usually given, which might allocate some time to de-energize equipment and mitigate electrical hazards, including arcing and shock.

After water damage, a great resource to look to for suggestions is NEMA GD-1, “Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment.” This document “Provides advice on the safe handling of electrical equipment that has been exposed to water. Outlines items that will require complete replacement or that can be reconditioned by a trained professional. Equipment covered includes electrical distribution equipment, motor circuits, power equipment, transformers, wire, cable and flexible cords, wiring devices, GFCIs and surge protectors, lighting fixtures and ballasts, motors and electronic products.”

The first question is whether the equipment is damaged and how much exposure it has had to water. If an entire room is flooded, a significant exposure issue will arise. If some fine water spray misted the electrical equipment, the damage probably would not be too substantial. Immediately wipe or clean the equipment to minimize corrosion. Equipment manufacturers can offer guidance and recommendations based on their products.

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