No longer are dreams of white picket fences but instead dreams of low maintenance, durability, and curb appeal.  Homeowners can get this through the installation of aluminum fencing as it brings with it a more current feel than is found in other materials.  Another benefit found with the purchase and installation of aluminum fencing is the ability to design it yourself.  Each detail of your aluminum fence can be customized to compliment your home.

Aluminum fencing offers several benefits to homeowners.  Its durability can make a 20-year-old aluminum fence look like it was just installed; aluminum fences sleek designs ensure a look that will compliment every style home.   Literally every detailed from the color of the aluminum to the decorative style of your fence can be designed to meet your exact needs and show off your unique home.

Design Choices in Aluminum Fencing

  • Fence Heights: One of the most important jobs your homes fence has is to accomplish the purpose it is there to serve. From guarding the swimming pool’s perimeter to defining backyard boundaries if the fence doesn’t serve its purpose it is useless no matter how stunning it is.  This is one of the reasons the height of your aluminum fence is an important consideration as you begin planning for your new fence.
  • Fence Grades: When purchasing an aluminum fence, you have several options when it comes to the grade of fencing you choose. Residential and commercial aluminum fencing comes in 4 distinct grades including: classic (residential), resort (pool), premier (commercial), and ultimate (industrial).  The grade of the fence that you choose will depend on the strength and thickness of the fence desired, the picket size, and length of aluminum fence panels desired.
  • Fence Styles: There are eighteen different styles of fencing through online aluminum fence supplier iFenceUSA. For a more contemporary appeal you have the option of a three-rail design without pickets or a for a more exquisite look you can try something with Excelsior finial peaks which offer a timeless look; with iFenceUSA you have several ornamental aluminum fencing styles to choose from.
  • Fence Colors: Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of unique color options. Classic black is always a favorite but rest assured that if you are looking to add character and appeal with color, aluminum fencing has you covered.  Options include several matte and gloss varieties of white, bronze, green, beige, sandstone, and black.
  • Fence Options: Some of the most popular options in aluminum fence relate to the spacing of the aluminum pickets, the addition of bottom railings, special post caps, and more.  The options that you choose will depend on your unique goals.  For home owners with small dogs, puppy pickets may be ideal whereas people with small children may choose extreme pickets that feature pickets that are closer together to prevent easy climbing.

iFenceUSA is an online manufacturer and distributor of wholesale aluminum fencing. With over 18 styles of aluminum fence panels and gates to choose from, we have aluminum fences that will meet your wants and need.  Choose from custom aluminum fencing options including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing all at  For more information contact one of our aluminum fence experts toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at

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