Fencing isn’t all the same, especially when it comes to what is installed around a pool.  Wooden picket fences are much different than aluminum fencing or other options and much less durable.  Since there are many children drowning in pools each year, we want to make sure that you can keep your family as safe as possible, while still being able to enjoy having a pool right in your backyard.

The way that you can keep your family safe is by installing an aluminum pool fence around your swimming pool.  Our aluminum pool fences meet the strictest safety codes, which means that no one is going to get past the fence and into the pool without you knowing about it.  Our aluminum pool fencing comes with self-latching and self-locking aluminum gates.

Aluminum pool fences should always be at least forty-eight inches tall and there should be less than four inches between the bottom rail and the ground, as well as less than four inches between each of the aluminum pickets.  You will also want to ensure that there isn’t a middle rail between the top and the bottom rail as it can lead to children using it to get leverage and climb over the fence.

When it comes to aluminum pool gates, they should always be installed so that they swing open away from the pool.  The latch for the aluminum pool gates should never be below fifty-four inches either, as anything lower than that height can be opened by curious children.

We urge you to choose an aluminum pool gate that automatically closes and latches after it has been opened, so that it never gets left open by accident.  This can prevent numerous accidents from happening, especially if everyone is leaving the pool area and a child is the last one out.  If they didn’t close the gate all the way, and it doesn’t have this self-closing and latching feature, someone can easily wander back out and into the pool without you noticing.

Now, all these safety features and requirements will not keep you from choosing the aluminum pool fencing that you want, because you can still choose from different styles and colors.  That means that you can enjoy the look of your aluminum pool fence and aluminum pool gates, while benefiting from the safety that they provide.

If you don’t have fence around your pool now, we urge you to get one immediately.  You won’t regret your decision, especially since your family and anyone else that goes near your pool will be safe.

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