When you are trying to decide on which type of fencing to purchase you might feel overwhelmed.  There are a number of different materials and styles of fencing to choose from.  In this post we will be taking a looking into just one option in fencing, aluminum.  There are pros and cons to installing any type of fence here is a more detailed look into aluminum fencing.

First, let’s take a look at the privacy factor. If you want some privacy from neighbors then aluminum fencing options won’t be a big help.  If your heart is set on aluminum fencing and you want privacy you can always choose to landscape around the fencing to help provide a privacy aspect.

On our list of popular features is the strength of aluminum fences.  There is no doubt aluminum is a stronger material when compared to other fencing materials such as vinyl, wood or chain link.  Aluminum will stand strong for decades.   This is one of the main reasons why you see so many aluminum fences around commercial properties.  Aluminum is a wonderful product for residential properties as well.

The cost aspect of aluminum fencing is comparable to other materials when factoring in cost over the lifetime of the fence including such things as maintenance.  Although aluminum is an affordable option you should note that it is one of more costly options up front.  No matter which type of fencing you choose you are looking at costs that will be determined by the size of area you are fencing.  The majority of fencing manufactures sell fencing by the foot or section, pricing will reflect this.

The topic of maintenance is often brought up when discussing fencing types. There are some types that will require annual cleaning, sanding and even painting or staining.   When you go with an aluminum fence option you won’t have the in-depth maintenance that you would have with other options.

Aluminum is all about ease of installation, at least this can be said if you are doing it yourself.  If you want a low stress installation we recommend hiring a professional but in all honesty aluminum fencing is not that difficult to install and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Most people can install their aluminum fencing in a day or a weekend as long as the proper tools are available.

The visual aesthetics of aluminum fencing are hands down incomparable with other materials.   Ornamental aluminum fencing is far superior visually to any other type of fencing.  From modern to antique, there is an option that will compliment the style of your home.

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