Asphalt shingling is the most common material used to roof homes throughout Michigan.  Shingles are not only inexpensive, but they are also low-maintenance and roofing contractors have been installing them for over a century.   When properly cared for a shingle roof can last between 20 to 40 years, depending on the specific product that is installed.  No roof will last forever no matter what material it is made from, however there are things you can do to help especially if the roof is compromised and a leak occurs.


Ignoring leaks in your homes roof can lead to bigger problems for homeowners.  A leak in your shingles will not ever repair itself, no matter how much you beg it to.  Water entering your home from your roof will wreak havoc when it is left to soak into the insulation and ceiling.  The longer the repair is ignored the costlier the damage will be to repair.

Dealing With Mold

One issue that occurs with leaks is that the chance of mold growing increases substantially.  A small leak may just leave a few water stains at first but slowly start to turn into mold growth thus a bigger, more expensive problem to deal with.  Water leaks turn any space into a perfect location for mold growth.


Not only is mold unsightly to look at it can also make you sick especially if you are plagued by asthma and allergies.  Even without being troubled with these afflictions exposure to mold can cause irritation to your skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs leading to more health problems for you, your family, and pets.


Mold may also cause the life expectancy of your roof to decrease.  Seeing that replacing your homes roof is costly, homeowners want to put this process off as long as they possibly can.  Thus, making your roof last as long as possible, is often a priority for most homeowners.  One way to do this is by taking the time to have small leaks fixed as they occur.  Small leaks that get ignored, small or large, will weaken the structure of the roof.  This will mean that the homes roof will need to be replaced much sooner than it would have if you didn’t ignore the leak in the first place.


It is important to have your homes roof properly inspected twice a year and properly repaired. This will help to assure that is a leak is or has occurred it can be taken care of immediately before it becomes a larger issue.


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