You probably have given it a great deal of thought if you are reading this article. A roof replacement is often a costly and thoughtful undertaking that will not only render your home a construction site for a couple of days, but without the proper preparation and planning the whole construction project may not go as smooth as it should. Even though local roofing contractors go out of their way to assure you that the installation will be as easy as” taking candy from a baby”.  It pays to be prepared. Consider the following tips:

  • Do research on the different types of roofing materials available to you. You will want to have an understanding of the pros and cons of each material and how the materials will best serve your home and family.
  • Check with local roofing contractors and plan for them to install the roof during their off-peak season unless you require an emergency roof installation. Spring and summer are usually their busiest months, however, with clear communication and consultation, they can accommodate your needs. It also pays to be strategic with scheduling because some roof installation (depending on the size of the project) may take longer than others.  You also may be able to get a better deal on your new roof installation if you choose to have the roof installed outside of peak roofing season.
  • There is also the issue of changes in weather to contend with. If you live in an area where it rains 24/7 you will want to have great patience and understanding in working to get the roof installed.
  • Remember that you might be away from your home for most of the roof installation duration, therefore, take the necessary precautions to cover and secure belongings to protect them from falling debris and dust although unlikely can occur. Your local roofer may provide coverings for the exterior part of the house.  Remember to park your vehicle outside of the area to avoid damage.
  • Talk to your local roofer to find out what they need from you. For example, they might require an outside electrical or water source that you may not have and notifying them beforehand will help them come prepared with an alternative.
  • It is also important to board your pets or take them with you because noises during a roof installation may prove too much for them. Roofing is loud.   The last thing that you would want is for your pet to be startled and spooked.
  • Ensure you have a contract signed ahead of time. Also make sure, before you sign on the dotted line, that the roofing contractor that you have chosen is both licensed and insured.


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