Replacing your roof is a big decision that takes careful consideration. The whole process can not only prove to be a daunting one but can also disturb your home remodeling budget greatly. Furthermore, it can also disturb your normal routine activities because of the construction work going on in your home. Therefore, before you opt for the idea of re-roofing or replacing your roof, consult local roofing contractors and consider these few upgrades that can not only improve the curb appeal of your home but also enhance its value. Have a look at these roof upgrade ideas:


This upgrade method has a lot of perks. It is less costly and requires less labor. Instead of stripping off the roofing material altogether, a layer of shingle is installed on the existing one to give the roof a new and improved look. Since the old roof is not completely stripped off; thus, it doesn’t take a longer duration if you are opting for overlaying. Furthermore, all other costs and expenses related to constructing a new roof are eliminated. This factor makes it a cost-efficient method.

For the best overlaying results, you need to rely on a reputed local shingle roofing company that excels in providing roof overlaying services.

Go for a Different Shaped Shingling

When reroofing, it is advised to go for different shaped shingles rather than opting for the traditional ones. It will give your home a distinct look and add value to it. For a different look, you can opt for zigzags or diamond shape. You can also take help of your local roofing contractors in this matter.

Reflective Shingles

Whether you are going for overlaying or tearing off, make sure you are going for reflective shingles. Not only they are aesthetically pleasing but energy-efficient as well. Since they reflect the sunlight, it doesn’t enter your home, as a result, your home can stay cooler during the hot summer days. There will be a reduced dependency on cooling systems, which will help to bring the electricity bills down. A prominent feature of reflective shingles is that they are now available in an array of materials and colors; thus, you can have an array of choice to select the best ones for your roof.

Make Sure the Roof is Ventilated

Last but not the least, it is important to make sure that your new roof is ventilated. It will help to keep your home cooler. A ventilated roof is particularly helpful for homes that have an attic. In case the roof is not ventilated, attics will heat up.

There are different ways to make a roof ventilated. Contact your local roofing contractors and they will be able to suggest the best possible ways after a thorough inspection of the roof.

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