Installing a new roof can have a positive effect not only improving your home’s aesthetics but also can help lower your overall energy costs.   Scores of homeowners have experienced a reduction in their energy expenses with the installation of a new roof.  In this installment on residential roofing we will examine four different ways in which having a new roof installed can help lower your energy expenses as a homeowner.


Proper roof ventilation is crucial in addressing your homes energy costs.  Without proper roofing ventilation the energy costs associated with your home can significantly increase your homes energy bills.  In climates where the temperature is warm, the hot air will get trapped inside the home.  This will force your homes air conditioning system to work harder than normal.  When a roof is properly ventilated, air will flow properly in and out of the area, thus reducing the energy output on cooling system.


The color you and your roofing contractor have chosen will also have an effect on the energy usage of your home.  The color of the roofing material will depend on the climate of where your home is located.  In homes where a colder temperature is the norm will benefit from darker shingling as to absorb the heat of the sun.  Warmer climates require lighter colored roofing to help reflect the sun’s rays off of the home.

Updated Shingling:

Older shingling has a lower shingle rating, usually around 65 mph than newer, more modern styles of shingling.  Updated roofing materials can increase your shingle rating to withstand winds up to 130 mph.  The higher the rating of the shingle basically means that more wind will be kept from entering your home through the roof.  Thus, reducing your heating and cooling expenses.

Energy Star Labeling and Solar Reflectance:

A shingles solar reflectance states how well the sunlight will be reflected off the roof and back up into the environment.  Homes with higher solar roof reflectance can actually reduce the roof’s surface temperature upwards of 30%.  When choosing roofing materials your roofing contractor will show you a number of options, choosing a shingle that has earned the Energy Star Label means that the material is at the top tier of reflecting sunlight.  Thus, lowering the surface temperature upwards of 100 degrees, which naturally decreases energy costs overall.

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