Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is very important to entrepreneurs who want to promote their business, obtain new clients, and retain current clients. SEO allows business owners to connect with potential clients searching for their products or services, helping to turn them into customers. Keywords, link building, updated content, trust, and more all helps to increase the visibility of a website and lead to a higher number of visitors to the website.

While it may not be straightforward or easy, implementing an effective SEO strategy, especially with recent updates to Google’s ranking algorithm, the Google Keyword Planner, and organic listings are all possible. It is important to determine how customers will search your website as well as how and what you must offer as optimized keywords on your landing page.

Depending on your product, a website design and layout is very important to the overall SEO process. There are two types of websites including: custom coded and templates.  Both types of websites have their pros and cons.

Many websites today are developed through a content management system, which allows companies to easily and quickly update their sites without technical support. The most popular CMS is WordPress.  It can easily be customized to fit a company’s needs and brand.

Custom coded websites are not created from a template instead are custom designed by a team of graphic designers and programmers from scratch.  These sites can be a bit more expensive and take a bit longer to develop.  A custom designed site can also be better for search engine optimization and placement of your website within search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Custom Coded Website

  • Custom websites are built from scratch rather than from a box. Custom websites allow you to show your company’s culture and personality using a unique design. The design can be presented, revised, and built into a custom platform for your website.
  • A custom website is always expandable. Customized features are added to make your website more flexible and easier to manage.
  • Custom sites are up-to-date with SEO and code practices. This all helps to increase the longevity of the website.
  • You have access via your account to the support of skilled developers who code from scratch as well as troubleshoot and fix bugs that may arise on the site.

Website Template

  • Website templates are user-friendly. You can change the colors and the fonts but the layout is pretty much set-up for you.
  • You can always change the layout just to avoid other websites resembling yours.
  • Website templates are often plug and play and take a very short time to develop.
  • They are less expensive, especially for start-up companies that need a website up quickly and on a low budget.

Templates have limited customization, which is good for companies who simply need to s of website templates is that there is limited to virtually no access to skilled developers.  Templates are purchased online and will never gain you access to the person who built it.  This reason alone makes a custom website a better option.

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