If you’re running a large business and find that it’s growing faster than your “IT department” it may be time to look into consulting a managed IT service provider.  Many large companies consider those few people that come to the rescue when their technology goes down their IT department. This however cannot sustain, nonetheless help you grow your business.


Instead of having an in-house IT department, you’ll be hiring commercial IT support to assist you. There can be many reasons why you choose to consult managed IT support to help you be your own IT department.

Your Company May Be Smaller In Size

Technology is continually changing and it can be expensive to run your own servers onsite. Unless your firm is considerably large, you may not be able to keep up with all the expenses of purchasing new servers and new equipment and managing the software and firewalls to run them. You need to have support in place that keeps up to date on all the latest available in IT.  Most companies with 50 or less people may find it impractical financially to have their own IT department on staff.

Storing Your Data Safely

There are other reasons why you may wish to hire managed services. If your business relies heavily on the storage of customer data, you may need additional securities in place to protect it. It’s also beneficial to store data offsite, just in case there’s an emergency in your office building.  Basically, the goal of hiring managed IT services is to gain knowledge and expertise that will improve your operations and cut expenses.


Managed IT services can save money, as these companies are supplying services to a variety of different businesses or organizations. They can also buy software and hardware in bulk for lesser costs than you can as a manager of your business. Managed IT services are billed on either a monthly basis or hourly basis, depending on the proposal you decide upon. They are in contrast to the on-demand sourcing model where you only hire IT expertise when you need it, then you are only billed for what they have done.


Under this model of operation, there will be a manager assigned to oversee this part of the operations, which might be you. You will then work with the MSP, Manager Service Provider, so that they can deliver the managed services. There will be a contract involved that will state all the services and expectations of the services rendered.


Some of these managed services can include one type of service, such as IT consulting, or many. For instance, cloud backup services are highly desired, as they protect client data in the event of an emergency. Servers, security and firewalls are all big services, particularly with growing businesses.  Once you recognize a need for this type of service in your own business, you’ll need to find a competent and trustworthy MSP.

Searching for IT Services

You can ask for the advice of other similar-sized businesses that provide IT consulting. Ask your peers if they know who provides IT consulting or commercial IT support. You can also search online to find the best provider. It’s helpful to find one in your own city, so your IT manager and the MSP can better communication with each other.  Managed IT services can take the worry out of whether you can keep up with the ever-growing and changing world of internet and new technology.


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