It’s true, our lives have come to revolve around a variety of technological devices; the computer and phone being the most common.  Face to face meetings, previously requiring a person’s physical presence, have been replaced by computers as well as shopping, banking, paying bills, and so many other tasks that happen in our day to day lives.

Many of the websites that we visit to perform these common tasks are prone to popups and links are secretly hidden within advertisements that an unintentional or oblivious click may be installing a virus or malware on your computer.  Even If you consider your computer entirely virus free you should still go through the signs below that will help you decide if your pc is malware free, or that you need a visit to the computer repair shop.

Performance Monitoring

One of the many ways to determine if your laptop has been infected with a virus or other type of malware is to keep track of the life of the battery.  Is the battery life less than what you are used to experiencing?  This can give you an idea if a virus is slowing your computer down.  Other than that, you can take a look at the hard drive activity through the administrator folder to see what applications are running.  Do you spot any suspicious programs that you don’t recall using?  Moreover, if the pc is running but has no programs currently opened and the light on the modem happens to be flickering, it means there is a certain unidentified malware residing on your pc consuming or transferring data using

Out of the Blue Pop-Ups

If the computer has no programs currently running and a series of unidentified popups appear on your desktop then, believe me, they are a courtesy of virus seeking refuge inside your computer files. With the popups, it is enough confirmation that a virus is present, head off to the nearest computer repair shop for a virus removal solution.

Missing File and Changed Content

If your PC is behaving weirdly such that you cannot locate certain files in your folders and they happen to be missing or in another folder, you never put them in the first place. Viruses are often responsible for such instances, or it might just be a rare moment you can blame your own memory.

Involuntary messages

A very common sign of your PC being hacked by a virus is when your colleagues and friends, to whom you remain connected by your email, locate any emails or messages not physically forwarded by you. A virus has been communicating in your place instead, spreading its wings onto your colleague’s computers as well.

A Shockingly Perfect Computer

This probably sounds like coming from a paranoid person but there is very much a chance to have a virus infected PC that shows none of the signs above. Hackers and Cybercriminals are sneaky with their methods such that the virus is hard to locate because it is hidden with perfect precision. The best defense mechanism is to install an antivirus software that scrutinizes all your files for an accurate virus removal.

Data on computers is personal and important, therefore it needs to be protected. If you sense even the slightest threat of virus infestation on your device, wait no more because your information is at stake.

Local computer repair shops will perform a diagnosis on your computer to determine if it has been infected.  If it is determined that malware or a virus is present, they will run a variety of scans to remove the infection and perform a tune-up on the computer to ensure all your protection is running the most up to date version.  If  a virus is not the cause of your issues, a diagnosis can be done to ensure that your computer is running its best.

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