Search engine algorithms are constantly updated, making SEO an ever expanding field.  If you want to give your website every chance of scoring a prominent place in the search engines you now have a lot more to do, and even more to remember.

It’s no wonder that many companies are bungling their SEO placement efforts and losing tons of money in the process. It’s time to learn how to do SEO right and stop making the mistakes that are tanking your earnings.

The extra work is worth it, as getting the top spot in the search engines will give your conversions a boost of around 8.5 times greater than any other lead generation method.

The single biggest mistake most businesses make with their website is not getting found for keywords related to their business. Another common mistake is getting found for the wrong keywords because they have failed to optimize their content.

One of the first steps to getting a first-page ranking is knowing what keywords to use in your copy or blog posts. Use the Google Keyword Tool to discover the keywords your target market is typing into the search engines to find out about the services or products related to your business.

When a website is new, you will often see better results by targeting long-tail keywords – which are keywords containing three or more words. Long tail keywords usually have fewer searches but also less competition, so it’s easier to rank a page.

You also need to know what keywords not to target. If you’re going to try and rank for every keyword, then you most likely aren’t going to rank for any of them.

Plus, if customers are finding your site for the wrong keywords they are going to ‘bounce’ off your site and go back to the search results to find a more relevant page.

As bounce rate is a metric Google puts a lot of emphasis on when deciding which page to rank for a given term you want the keywords your business gets found for to be super relevant to your content.

Search engine placement is a vast and ever-expanding topic, but keywords are integral to being found and securing highly targeted leads. Start improving your results by making sure your site is providing the best solution in relation to the keywords you are targeting.

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