Computer consulting is a term used by someone who offers a wide range of computer services to individuals and businesses. Computer repair is one of the more common of all of the services that consultants perform. Computer repairs can be as simple as replacing or installing new hardware, but it can also include more in-depth repairs like software or OS issues.


A computer consultant may do work for both commercial businesses and also residential computer repair depending on the way they set up their business. The operating system of a computer frequently causes a number of issues that people have with their computers and Windows 10 is the most current version of Microsoft Windows that comes preloaded.


Unfortunately, like most of the Microsoft Windows operating systems over the years, Windows 10 has had its own share of problems that people have complained about. These common problems probably make up a large portion of the computer repair requests. We came up with a list of the top ten common problems with the latest Windows 10 update


Top 10 Common Problems with The Latest Windows 10 Update


#1 Alt +Tab keys laggy while gaming – The update added a focus assist feature to be added and it is causing issues. You will need to go in and shut off all of the features.


#2 Issue with Media Creation Tool –  An issue has been reported with the Media Creation Tool which is necessary to be able to install the update using a USB flash drive. You will need to restart your computer which should allow you to try it again.


#3 Microphone won’t work anymore – For some users the Windows update caused the Windows microphone to because inaccessible. You will need to go back into setting and restore access.


#4 On-screen keyboard stopped working – The update that Microsoft released caused some people to lose the onscreen keyboard that came with Windows 10. If you experience this, you can go into settings a turn it back on.


#5 Chrome browser continuously crashes after the update – Google did not see it necessary to announce any known issues with its browser, but Microsoft did and found the fix for it.


#6 PC will not boot after the KB4103721 Version 1803 patch is installed – This issue was being reported by some users and it would cause a black screen to be displayed.


#7 Windows 10 Update caused issues with SSD’s – This issue was being reported on machines that had to different models of Intel’s SSD (600p Series and Pro 6000p Series NVMe).


#8 Reports of desktops disappearing after the update – It appears that there was a bug in an update and it was causing the issue. It appears that MS discovered the issue and the next update repaired the issue.


#9 Update not applicable to your computer error pops up – This error usually comes up if some previous updates did not completely install correctly. You will need to check to see if there are missing or possibly failed to install.


#10 NVIDIA GPU Graphic Settings are missing after updates installed – If you have an NVIDIA based graphics card, there are reports of issues with the GPU setting getting lost. This can degrade or disable certain graphics features.

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