The occasion of your child becoming a bar/bat mitzvah is undoubtedly something to commemorate. Countless factors play a part in hosting a fabulous bar/bat mitzvah. How will you juggle scheduling your son or daughter’s celebration between work, extra-curricular or social events, etc.? Planning an elaborate party can be challenging, especially in 2020. Especially taking social distancing and other requirements into account, it’s best to let the professionals handle everything. There are a multitude of reasons why hiring an event planner is the way to go; here are three of the most vital:

Hiring an event planner might seem like a higher cost initially, but the return on your investment will pay off in the long run. Due to connections in the industry along with repeat business contracts, event planners receive hefty discounts on event spaces, vendors, and the like. These special prices and deals that they have access to are passed down to the client. Event planners know the right people to talk to, questions to ask, the precise time to submit contracts (avoiding late fees), and so much more.

Planning any type of event can be overwhelmingly time-consuming. Between work, shuffling kids to and from activities, school, bar/bat mitzvah classes, etc. the day will be over before you know it, making it difficult for you to find spare time. Without prior experience, planning a successful bar/bat mitzvah is a tremendous feat. Countless hours are required for researching, discussing options with vendors, details, and answering questions. All of that deadline and time-inducing stress can be remediated simply by hiring an event planner. He/she will keep you on track, ensuring a successful bar/bat mitzvah will be had by all.

Aside from time constraints, planning a bar/bat mitzvah can be stress-inducing on so many levels. These parties affect our emotions, both physically and mentally. Spiritually, they are magnificent for not only the child but also the family. During this sacred time, the last thing you need to be is worried. While you are welcoming guests and enjoying the special day with your family, an event planner will meet vendors, orchestrate layouts, and ensure the occasion runs efficiently, making it look effortless. Leave the stressful worrying and planning to them – after all, that’s their job!

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