RapidArc Rotational Radiation Therapy combines the most current technologies to decrease treatment times and radiation exposure for the patient. The technologies used in this process are Intensity Modulated Therapy (IMRT), Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), On-Board Imaging (OBI), and Cone Beam CT Scanning (CBCT). 

Rapid Arc technology from Varian Medical Systems, a renowned leader in radiation research and development, has brought all of these technologies in their practice together to advance precision and targeted treatments to the next level. 

The RapidArc process emits radiation, usually in less than 90 seconds per fraction. IMRT Arc Therapy from RapidArc uses a single rotation of the linac gantry to execute a very targeted IMRT plan following IGRT and OBI targeting. This is considered a “volumetric arc” that is often labeled as VMAT (Volumetric Arc Therapy). It allows for a more effective, targeted, and faster treatment of prostate cancer radiation. Ultimately, the RapidArc treatment process is an evolved and more efficient treatment in its delivery, speed, and sophistication. 

To learn more about RapidArc therapy and its processes, read the full article here

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