You can save a ton of money if you demo your kitchen instead of getting it done; however, it’s not for everyone. Depending on your health and any available help you may have, you might consider paying for your demo work instead. For those considering ripping out their old kitchen on their own, this article gives you a quick rundown of a few tips to follow before grabbing the crowbar and hammer. 

Prep the Space. Turn off the kitchen power supply from your circuit breaker box. A good tip you’ll want to remember is putting a piece of tape over the breaker for the kitchen, so no one accidentally turns them on, giving you an unexpected shock when you reach for an outlet. 

Turn Off the Water. Demo wok is messy enough without burst water pipes. Be sure to turn off the supply usually found under the kitchen sink with a value or handle.  

Turn Off the Gas Supply. If you have appliances that run on gas, you will need to turn them off with the valve located behind the appliance. Ensure that you pull the appliance out carefully so not to dislodge the hose out of the valve. 

Rent a Dolly for Heavy Appliances. Don’t break your back, get some assistance by renting a dolly typically found at rental centers or home improvement stores.  

Lay a Drop Cloth on the Floor. This will prevent scratches and other damage. If you are also renovating the floor, you obviously do not have to do this.

Rent a Dumpster. A typical average-sized kitchen will require you to rent a six-cubic yard dumpster. These can be rented from your local waste management centers. 

Now you’re ready to begin the demoincluding the garbage disposal, sink, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and dishwasher. For the next steps, read more from this article regarding the main kitchen demo.

These are just a few tips on prep work you will need to consider if you plan on remodeling your kitchen. Contact JFC Remodeling for your next kitchen renovation project at 810-923-1123.

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