Pools don’t need to be completely torn out and re-designed to update their aesthetic. There are plenty of ways to change the look of a pool – even on a budget. If you are searching for ideas, read our list below for some inspiration.

Swim-up bars: These drink bars are installed on the inside of the pool. If your pool is the neighborhood or family hangout, guests will enjoy refreshing, cold drinks while relaxing in the water.

Dark pool interior: There are a few reasons dark pool trends are on the rise. First, they are a nice contrast to waterfalls, rock arrangements, and other landscape fixtures. Second, dirt and debris are not quite as noticeable compared to pools with lighter finishes. Lastly, dark pools absorb and retain sunlight, making them more heat-efficient.

Shallow areas: Some people enjoy pools by sitting on the edge and letting their feet dangle in the water. Installing a foot-deep shallow depth area will allow people to relax on beach chairs, for example, while refreshing water flows beneath them.

Smart lighting: Many people enjoy their pools in the evening, which usually requires some sort of lighting. Beyond flipping light switches, you can now control where the lights are placed, in addition to adjusting the color. Some smart lights even have apps that can be accessed from smartphones. The ambiance of your pool will surely improve with specialized lighting.

Saltwater pools: We all know pools contain chlorine, but did you know some pools are made up of saltwater? Saltwater pools require far less maintenance and aren’t as harsh on the eyes or skin as chlorine pools typically are.

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