There are a number of benefits that come with outsourcing medical equipment repairs.  Technicians are trained to fix a countless number of medical devices.  This ensures the hospital or medical center has access to professional technicians with expertise on any number of medical devices.  Medical equipment never gives an advance notice for when it is going to stop functioning as it is intended.  Outsourcing medical equipment repair ensures that you have a professional technician at a moment’s notice.

To expect an in-house program to posses the scope of training that is needed to be successful in implementing repairs to a various number of different medical devices is a lot to ask.  It is difficult to anticipate issues that will arise when it comes to complicated medical equipment such as linear accelerators and CT Scanners.  Medical equipment is complicated by big data and oftentimes driven by compliance thus making it pertinent that it is repaired quickly and correctly.

Independent linear accelerator companies provide services to a variety of companies that manufacture equipment such as Varian, Siemens, and Elekta linear accelerators.  Since they are independent of the manufacturer they offer an advantage to clients because they are able to objectively aid in project repairs without vendor bias.  They are also able to facilitate when it comes to purchasing equipment.  Independent medical repair companies often associate with companies that offer new and refurbished equipment for sale incase repairs are unable to be accomplished at a reasonable price in a timely manner.

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing medical equipment repairs such as reduced costs and higher quality.

Reduced Costs

The obvious benefit of contracting medical repair services is the decreased cost of operations that an experienced technician offers.  Contracting outside sources eliminates the necessity to hire resources within the hospital.   In house specialists not only require a salary but continued training that can be expensive.  Hiring a company that provides the services you need when you need them can offer a standardized approach to repairs within your facility.  This ensures the most economical approach at repair equipment quickly while providing patients with top notch equipment and abundant treatment options.


Medical equipment maintenance specialists render instance access to the highest level of technicians available for even the most complex medical devices.  Independent service technicians are device trained often directly from the OEM.  Technicians are provided with current service manuals, test fixtures, symptomatic tools, and they can participate during an ongoing training for highly enhanced medical equipment. It is extremely costly to expect in house technicians to have up to date training on the vast array of medical devices.  An in house tech may be able to adequately maintain devices to a degree but detailed repairs should be left to trained professionals specializing in medical equipment repairs.

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