Tornadoes can wreak havoc on property and life. Depending on your location, it’s essential to stay abreast of the weather and analyze whether a natural disaster is coming your way. Preparing for tornadoes is imperative to prevent loss of life.

Despite their imminent danger, tornadoes come with many myths associated with them – read on to learn more.

FICTION: You can outdrive a tornado
FACT: Tornadoes can travel more than 60 mph, and their 200 mph winds can lift cars with ease. 

FICTION: The best place for shelter is in your basement’s southwest corner
Tornadoes don’t know directions. Find a walled room without windows on the lowest level.

FICTION: Opening windows will depressurize the area
Depressurizing doesn’t work like that. Instead, move to the lowest floor and focus on protecting yourself from flying debris. 

FICTION: Freeway overpasses are the safest place to be while driving if near a tornado
Bridges and overpasses can collapse, create a wind tunnel, and let more debris hit your car. So, in fact, they increase your risk of danger. 

FICTION: Tornadoes cannot go through water, mountains, or big cities
The 1974 “Super Outbreak” of tornadoes near Cincinnati had wind speeds varying between 260 and 318 mph. Also, tall buildings do not affect a tornado’s path. 

FICTION: The tornado itself is the most dangerous aspect of the natural disaster
On the contrary. Wind speeds and secondary storms cause an incredible amount of flying debris. 

FICTION: Tornadoes only take place during the season
 Though most tornadoes form in the spring, many instances show that off-season tornadoes are just as destructive.

FICTION: People can see and hear tornadoes before they occur
Rain or clouds can obstruct your view, giving you less time to react. Check weather updates from the NOAA and know the difference between tornado watches and warnings. 

FICTION: Tornadoes never hit the same place twice
These natural disasters don’t have a schedule or comprehension of history. Three separate tornadoes hit the same place in Arkansas in one day. Also, Cordell, Kansas, was hit by a tornado on May 20th for three years in a row. 

FICTION: If a tornado isn’t headed in your direction, you are safe
Tornadoes can switch directions at any time, causing major unpredictability.

If you find yourself in a situation where tornadoes are near, protect your family and pets by doing the following: 

  • Analyze your home and look for areas that can be susceptible to damage
  • Maintain a clean landscape to avoid unnecessary flying objects
  • Fill your emergency kit with things such as: 
    • Battery-operated radio
    • Extra batteries
    • Medication
    • Important documents
  • Have a safety plan detailing instructions for where and how your family will seek shelter
  • Ensure your home insurance policy covers tornado damage
  • Monitor local weather updates

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