Emergencies are unpredictable, and no matter how much you prepare, they can happen in an instant. Don’t get caught off guard; ensure you are always ready for disaster by equipping an “Everyday Carry” or EDC. Your EDC is meant to be a bag, purse, or backpack that stays with you every time you leave the house. A few modest selections can help ensure you’re ready for anything.

  1. Flashlight: One of the most straightforward yet valuable survival tools, what better way to obtain on-demand lighting than a flashlight? Whether you are caught in a natural or human-made situation, flashlights are integral for finding your way out, through, in, around, over, etc. 
  2. Knife: Another simple-yet-essential item, knives are an excellent substitution for scissors. They can cut many objects and are helpful in emergencies that require extraction. From cutting fruit to opening packages, knives are a must.
  3. First Aid Kit: No one plans on being injured, but a first aid kit is indispensable in an emergency. A few band-aids, antiseptic, burn gel, gauze, wraps, etc., are all you need. Thankfully, the items in a first aid kit are also exceptionally lightweight, which makes this a no-brainer.
  4. Power Bank: What’s a phone for if you can’t use it? Ensure you have a proper charger and portable power bank in your EDC so you can dial on demand.
  5. Gloves: Picking up waste, fishing through muddy water, or touching a bloody mess are common practices in emergencies. Protect your hands from these nasty encounters with gloves. Make sure the gloves are rubber or waterproof, so they can be used multiple times.
  6. Lighter: Fire can cook your food or warm your body and surroundings in addition to providing a signal for help or more. Lighters are indispensable and should never be overlooked.
  7. Compass: Smartphones can lose service or fail at any given time. Especially during emergencies, when the system/grid is overloaded, it can be difficult to find a signal. Don’t rely on your phone; instead, keep a compass (and map) in your EDC. Learn how to navigate by using these priceless tools in emergencies.

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