Wild mushrooms are popping up everywhere around this time of year. While some are edible, most are toxic and can make you sick. In emergency situations, mushrooms can mean life or death for survival. 

The best way to enjoy wild mushrooms is to handle and cook them thoroughly because certain mushrooms raw can cause gastric distress. Also, some people have allergies or intolerances to specific types of mushrooms. For these reasons, wild mushrooms should initially be consumed with caution. 

Toxic mushrooms range from “deadly poisonous” to “occasional gastric distress” in terms of how they affect humans. Several mushroom species are extremely deadly since symptoms do not develop until six to 36 hours following ingestion. The only remedy for those situations is a stomach pump. 

Some mushrooms can also cause allergic-type of reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, kidney failure, or cause hallucinations. 

To avoid mushroom poisoning, follow the steps below: 

  • Never eat any mushroom unless you are absolutely sure it is safe.
  • Do not eat raw mushrooms; always cook thoroughly.
  • When consuming a new mushroom variety, start small and wait several hours for a potential reaction.
  • Some mushrooms react with alcohol so avoid drinking while eating mushrooms.
  • Save a tiny portion of each mushroom you consume to ensure medical staff can identify it and treat you accordingly in case you get sick.
  • Never eat inedible mushrooms,

Once you have thoroughly verified that the mushroom is safe for consumption, start collecting. You can dry them for later or enjoy them after cooking. Mushrooms are nutritious and delicious. Enjoy!


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