Are you familiar with a BOB? Do you have a GHB? How about an EDC? There are plenty of acronyms for emergency kits, but do you know what they stand for? Why do you need them, and when? The main answer is purpose…once you understand how they are all used, you’ll be ready to stock up on what you need.

EDC: Everyday Carry
This kit comprises everyday items that help you handle inconveniences or unexpected emergencies. These bags are small, portable, and should be created according to your needs. 

BOB: Bug Out Bag
This ubiquitous name for supplies in the prepping world contains supplies to sustain a person who must leave home for a temporary reason, roughly 72 hours. A BOB is typically tailored to an individual, though they sometimes have communal items. This is also commonly referred to as a 72-Hour Kit.

GHB: Get Home Bag
These bags are useful for widespread – but local – disasters where driving or using public transportation is impossible. Consider this bag when you can get home after a short period, like after a few hours or overnight.

GOOD: Get Out of Dodge (Bag)
This is the next level up from a BOB. Sustaining you for a few weeks or months away from home, this bag should be designed to evacuate ahead of a disaster while still planning to return home when it’s safe. You should plan on having amenities such as food, water, and shelter available.

INCH: I’m Never Coming Home Bag
These are useful in situations where you would be forced to leave home and never return. This long-term survival bag would be helpful in a total societal collapse. The contents would be similar to a BOB, but the INCH is full of more items for cooking, clothing options, and shelter supplies.

Vehicle Kit
Fairly self-explanatory, this kit stays in the car and contains items for vehicle repair. Tools for repairs, safety equipment, and extreme weather gear should be included. Also add food, water, and other supplies you might need if you were stranded or before help arrives.

Work Kit
If you were stranded at work, what would you do? Think through a scenario that involves your workplace, and that’s what’s in this bag. Ideally, this bag would stay at work.

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