Before nightly freezing temperatures fall upon us, it’s imperative to take the necessary steps to prep for winter. The wintery season brings adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold, high winds, snow and sleet, and icy roads and sidewalks. As a business owner or property manager, you know how important it is to remain open and fully operational, no matter the weather. This means proper planning and preparation for winter storms to keep your business, property, and employees safe.

Preparing for winter is doing as much as possible to avoid accidents and damage to the premises. Although the goal is to prevent disasters, sometimes it’s impossible. Be ready to respond quickly to winter weather emergencies, such as evacuating a building if snow and ice deem the structure unsafe, or stockpiling emergency supplies, like food, water, flashlights, a radio, extra batteries, and a first aid kit for power outages, closed off roads, and similar scenarios.  

How to Prepare Your Business for Winter:

  • Be Aware of Storm Warnings: Be aware of your local weather and download a reputable app to alert you when severe weather approaches.
  • Develop a Business Winter Safety Plan: Protect your employees and business assets by preplanning an alternative operational plan so that the continuity of business workings transitions smoothly.
  • Protect Your Property from Winter Storms:
  • Install a backup generator (avoid operational downtime, prevent loss)
  • Relocate equipment and vehicles indoors (preferably not all under the same roof)
  • Check the roof (check and repair any damage, and know the snow load capability of the roof)
  • Prevent frozen gutters and pipes (insulate unheated areas, add insulation to vulnerable pipes)
  • Remove snow in parking lots and sidewalks (clear snow and ice regularly and use road salt or sand to prevent accidents, also place non-slip mats at entrances/exits to prevent slips and falls)
  • Protect Your Workforce: Protect your most valuable resource, your workforce! If possible, set up remote services to work from home or coordinate alternate plans to help keep staff comfortable during a shut-in.

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