When it comes to commercial lawn care, sustainable watering is a delicate balance. Keeping the grass bright, lush, fresh, and green is nice, but so is managing our carbon footprint. Read on to learn some tips for keeping your business landscape looking sharp.

Watering Schedule
Do you know the best time to water your property’s grass? Around 10 a.m., cooler temperatures are lifting, and calmer winds are flowing throughout the grass blades, enabling water to soak into the soil and be more absorbed by the grassroots before the sun evaporates. Keeping your lawn on this regulated daytime schedule also helps prevent the spread of disease, as fungal growth flourishes in a wet yard at night. 

Lengthy but Sparingly
Frequent, shallow watering only touches the surface of the plant root system, which causes moisture to evaporate out of the soil before the roots ever receive nutrients in the water. Instead, water your lawn with lengthy waterings that penetrate the root system and encourage the grass to grow stronger. Do this sparingly, as too much water can cause other issues. Lawns should receive one inch of water per week, spread out between two sessions.  

Smart Irrigation System
Past irrigation systems deliver less control than modern systems, which deliver flexibility and convenience such as WiFi connectivity, schedules, and weather condition adjustments. Smart irrigation systems are beneficial for monitoring local weather and automatically adjusting to prevent drought, flooding, and other issues. 

The appearance of your landscape can impact your business’ reputation. It is possible to keep an aesthetically appealing space while monitoring your environmental impact. Sustainability is growing in popularity; don’t be left in the dust.

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