Unsightly or uncared for outdoor spaces, particularly commercial ones, can turn people away, especially potential clients. Commercial landscape clients often need a slight nudge to improve their surroundings. Once they see how impactful the benefits are, they will surely come calling. Here are five ways to help encourage those clients to invest in their lawn.

Deal With What Exists

Are there overgrown bushes covering windows and signage? Weeds in the parking lot? Dead trees or unsightly shrubs? This sends a message to customers – in the wrong way. Remind clients these issues can also be a danger to potential clients, as limbs can fall, break, or cause bodily harm. A bit of pruning, grass-cutting, and edging can really brighten up a space.


It’s important to keep up with landscaping, as it grows quickly, and time can slip away from us. Without a regular schedule, the work that’s been done is basically for naught. Explain to your landscaping client that fertilization, irrigation, mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, and more are all imperative for success.

Seasonal Adjustments

Every fall, leaves cover the ground, resulting in an ugly mess. Property owners can attempt cleanup themselves, but it seems like a never-ending task; one that can easily slip through the cracks when it comes second to running a business. Remind clients how time-consuming autumn can be. Likewise, the spring season often requires mulch application and weed control. Same idea, different time…both fall and spring can be overwhelming and time-consuming for potential landscape clients.

Brighten it Up

Pops of color throughout an outdoor space is ideal for drawing in new potential clients with eye-catching designs or flair. Landscape beds filled with the same drab plantings can be boring; instead, opt for easy-to-care-for perennials such as roses, hostas, hydrangeas, daylilies, etc. Annuals can also be added to containers or pots, increasing revenue throughout each season.

Landscape Enhancement

Once your clients have already made the above investments but are still looking for that “wow” factor, direct them to a landscape project. Many business owners are seeking ways to attract – and retain – employees. Suggest adding an outdoor area where their team members can enjoy breaks while boosting morale. Additionally, analyze their property and look for ways to enhance it, such as designating walking areas or paths, adding a fire pit or fountain, sprucing up the entryway, creating a landscape bed, etc.


T&T Property Maintenance has been visualizing, creating, and maintaining commercial properties since 1997. We offer a vast number of services for our clients, including lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation set up and repair, fertilization, weed and pest control, snow plowing and salting, and tree trimming and stump grinding. We are licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, so you can rest assured we will do the job right – every time. We work with commercial businesses of any size and offer our services in seasonal or yearly packages, and a la carte. For over 20 years, we believe a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer. Call or e-mail us to learn more.

Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: https://www.cpsmi.com/

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