Most commercial properties have a goal of drawing customers to its storefront. A well-groomed landscape plays an important role in making the business appear attractive and tidy. Moreover, a clean, welcoming outdoor area improves the company’s overall image. 

Both potential customers and employees can be positively impacted by an attractive landscape, which allows you to retain staff and increase profit. Plants and landscape such as grass or trees will need to be maintained to ensure appearances are kept up. 

But who is going to take care of your property? Most business owners do not have time to personally trim the bushes, mow the lawn, or plant vegetation. The best way to keep your property well-maintained is simple: hire a professional landscaping service. 

Those who work in commercial landscaping have an in-depth understanding about property maintenance and can make it unforgettable. Stand out from the gray mass of other landscapes by ensuring your property is beautiful, well-groomed, and colorful. 

Services typically included in commercial landscaping services include: 

Mowing Grass
While it might seem simple, mowing can be a challenge without the proper tools. Moreover, specialists know techniques that can make your lawn standout above the rest. 

Soil Fertilization
Special soil fertilization compounds assist the growth process and help to deter plant diseases. Soil has to be fertilized at specific intervals using the correct chemicals, which can be challenging without the proper knowledge. Specialists are trained to know all of the unique techniques, and can execute professionally for your lawn.  

Weed Control
Weeds can swiftly infiltrate your lawn, and without proper maintenance, they will surely take over your landscape. While store bought weed killers are a decent option, they don’t tackle every weed and need to be applied in a specific manner. Lawn care specialists know how to destroy, reseed or sow the area, and bring your lawn back to its glory. 

Plants grow more quickly when they are aerated, and the soil is circulated with air. Unique holes are made by specialists and do not damage the surface of your lawn; rather, they help it grow. 

Pest Control
Insects can easily destroy vegetation and carry diseases that will negatively impact them. Oftentimes, once the owner is aware of a problem, it’s too late. Lawn care specialists are trained to identify pests and prevent their reproduction by using an insecticidal cocktail tailored to your landscape. If these substances are used incorrectly, they can adversely affect beneficial insects (bees, butterflies, and other pollinators) or the plants themselves. It’s imperative to always hire a professional to treat your lawn for pests. 

Reducing Plant Diseases
Plants can inevitably become sick from a number of causes including improper fertilization, fungi growth, and more. Landscape specialists can easily identify and correct these issues before your vegetation deteriorates. 

At T&T Property Maintenance, we specialize in providing excellent commercial landscaping for companies of all sizes. Contact us today to learn how we can beautify your lawn. 

T&T Property Maintenance has been visualizing, creating, and maintaining commercial properties since 1997. We offer a vast number of services for our clients, including lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation set up and repair, fertilization, weed and pest control, snow plowing and salting, and tree trimming and stump grinding. We are licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, so you can rest assured we will do the job right – every time. We work with commercial businesses of any size and offer our services in seasonal or yearly packages, and a la carte. For over 20 years, we believe a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer. Check out our website, call, or e-mail us today to learn more.

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