Engine coolant is also known as antifreeze. This fluid removes excess heat from an engine using heat transfer chemicals such as ethylene or propylene glycol and water. Cars produce a great deal of energy and heat while moving. In the engine, the exhaust and cooling systems are designed to ensure the vehicle remains cool. Coolant safeguards the engine in the sweltering summer months by absorbing heat, thereby stopping water from boiling and ensuring metal parts don’t corrode.

Without coolant, an engine is susceptible to many issues. Since coolant loses potency through time, it’s imperative to get coolant flushes to ensure your engine is protected. Here are some benefits of changing your coolant fluids:

  1. Eliminates rust and scale deposits, which can cause overheating and cooling system damage.
  2. Additives lubricate the water pump, extending its life.
  3. Rust is prevented from forming.
  4. Replaces old coolant/antifreeze that can become acidic and ruin pumps, hoses, and engine components.

Coolant flushes ensure your vehicle maintains optimal performance. To keep your engine running smoothly from your transmission to your power steering, ensure your coolant is changed according to schedule.

Check your owner’s manual to see when it’s time to get your vehicle serviced for a coolant flush. If it’s been over a year since your previous coolant change, visit your local Team CAMC today.

Team CAMC is your Complete Auto Maintenance Center. For over 30 years, we have followed a single guiding principle: we never push or sell services a vehicle doesn’t need.  Our team of trained technicians welcomes you like family and discusses all types of oil and fluid changes offered. Critical points are reviewed through a 13-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is ready for the next adventure on the road ahead. Contact us today to schedule the professional service you deserve from a team you trust.

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