How Can Custom Software Programming Help You?

A new year often is a signal of new beginnings, fresh goals, and the enthusiasm to achieve success.  This concept is not only true in many of our personal lives but also in business.  As the new year starts it is a prime time to target top technology needs for your company needs in order to continue to be profitable and flourish amongst top competitors.  

For many companies it is easy to recognize the areas within the organization that need improvement however, implementation process fall short.  It is easy to document and execute when updates to hardware and software are needed within company networks and workstations.  There is often an ease in spotting disconnects between current technology and software that affect the workflow process as well.  Companies, however, often back burner improvements to workflow through custom software development because it can seem daunting.  Sound familiar?

Yes, at first the idea of change especially when it comes to changing the way things have always been done seems overwhelming.  It is important, however, to recognize the old way of doing things is a great way to keep your business stagnant.  The only way to advance is to keep up with advancements in workflow process that keep you competing with emerging and existing competitors.  

Custom app development specifically programmed to the needs and methods of your business not only reduce expenses it can vastly improve efficiency while providing long-term gains to productivity. There are a number of benefits to having software programmed for your specific needs verse buying commercial or off the shelf software models and adjusting your process to match.  Custom software programming allows you to continually adapt the software as you grow, processes change, or future business needs come up. 

Another benefit to having software that is programmed specifically for your company and workflow process is that it allows you to closely examine your current methods.  This gives team members who may not be directly involved in the day to day workflow a chance to see how things are done without being too close to the situation to offer suggestions for improvement. 

Another benefit of custom programmed software is the ability to integrate work processes and procedures currently being used.  Just because you are creating a custom program doesn’t mean you have to start all over again.  Existing software, Excel spreadsheets, and more can all be built into, modified to fit, or integrated as they are into custom CRM software solutions, barcode reader software, QR code systems, or enterprise resource planning services. 

Using software programmed for your company verse off the shelf software programs also allows companies to save on the expenses associated with the costs of yearly maintenance and software renewal that is often associated with commercial software.

Our professional software developers specialize in creating custom workflow solutions for companies in a variety of industries from parks and rec to over the road trucking, Creative Programs and Systems will develop software that integrates your existing systems into one. 

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Outsourcing IT Services Through a Managed IT Provider

There are a number of ways in which business of all sizes receive IT support.  From in house IT techs, on call IT professionals, and managed IT providers, specialists exist in a number of capacities to ensure that the IT needs of your business, no matter how large or small your company is, are met.  Many companies are switching to managed it services simply because it is one less thing on their plate to manage.

In order to choose an IT infrastructure for your business it is important to evaluate your current needs and future growth.  Although the services of managed IT professionals allow you to take a hands-off approach it may include more services than you actually need.  In this installment we will take a look into the general overview of managed IT plans.  It is important to note that different companies offer different services, so it is crucial that you find an IT plan and company that would fit your needs without having to pay for services you do not require.

Vital Elements of Managed IT Contracts


Security within your organization is important for a number of reasons and it truly the first area of concern for many business owners.  It is crucial that company and client data is kept secure.  A breach in data security not only costs companies millions of dollars to clean up from it puts critical data in jeopardy.  Managed IT service providers must have a detailed outline on how they will secure your specific IT systems.  Look for areas including intrusion detection and prevention, encryption, and firewalls to be addressed as well as how the services will be carried out.


The infrastructure of your organization must be well cared for in order for your company to thrive and grow.  No matter what size your company is the basics still apply, to run efficiently everything you need must be able to be performed on your systems network.  This means that your managed IT service contract must include server & storage maintenance, network administration, backups, and basic services to issues arising within the network.  You must work with your IT provider to develop a list of current and future IT services that are required for you business to continue to thrive.

Service and Support

The service and support of IT technicians can occur in a number of manners include over the phone, remotely, and in person.  Does your company require 24/7 support to operate?  If this is the case and your business will be dead in the water without 24/7 support, you will want to find an IT company that offers a managed IT service contract that supports your company no matter the time a day or day of the week.  This type of support will come at a premium.  Many IT companies support normal business hours and make accommodations for emergency support when needed.  Support outside of normal operation times may require an additional fee above and beyond your monthly managed IT support.

Monitoring your Network

Monitoring your network is critical to successfully managing your IT services.  An interruption within the network will mean downtime for your company.  Managed IT services monitor every aspect of the network from in house, remote users, mobile devices, and virtual machines. Monitoring services should also include intrusion prevention and detection, firewall configurations, and 24/7 monitoring.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having a complete backup of your data is crucial.  If disaster strikes it is important to know that the data that keeps your company up and running is accessible and up to date.  Does the company provide on site backup, cloud backup, or is a private source used to backup crucial company data?  Not only should you know where to look for important company backups it is important to have access to this information when you need it.  Your managed IT support provider should also include a detailed disaster recovery plan when addressing backup needs.  It is essential that this information is readily available to prevent any downtime if your company should encounter an unexpected issue.

There are many aspects to managed IT plans.  This installment provides basics to expect when looking into providers of managed IT service plans.  Further questions should be asked to help you determine if these services are right for your company.  When interviewing IT specialists and different service plans available it is important to note exactly what is and isn’t covered in different managed IT plans.  Communication is the key element when it comes to a successful IT solution for your company.

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5 Ways Managed IT Services Benefit Your Company

All businesses need proactive support to identify and manage IT issues before they occur and regardless of the business niche or size, companies can benefit from outsourcing a skilled managed IT services provider to handle issues with their IT infrastructure. In essence, a managed IT service or IT consulting firm allows a business to offload its IT operation.  The IT company assumes the ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing, and problem resolution for the IT systems and network within the company.

Businesses that need to compete effectively and remain relevant require technology to operate efficiently in this increasingly complex IT environment.  A business operating with a managed IT service focuses on the prevention of critical networking devices fail issues before they disrupt employees, management as well as clients. It is quite clear that a company will notice a significant improvement in their operations when they have a well-maintained and proactive IT services, network monitoring, and system optimization.

  • Unlimited Access

It is frustrating to suddenly have a systems issue in the middle of a busy day and even more frustrating if you are unable to access the support you need in a timely manner. Managed IT services provide network monitoring 24 hours per day and clients also have immediate access to the latest technology and innovative business grade solutions that maximize uptime and profitability such as remote monitoring and management (RMM), cloud computing, as well as backup and disaster recovery and, commercial IT services.

  • Reduced Operating Cost

Outsourcing the services of an IT computing consulting firm enables companies to hire highly skilled consultants as opposed to hiring, training and retaining a new worker, which can be costly. It lowers salary, marketing, training costs, and gives a business the flexibility to scale rapidly or slow down their operations as needed.

  • Enhance Security

There is a growing need for businesses to protect confidential information of their company and that of their clients from headline-grabbing stories we’ve all heard about such as security breaches, information theft, or software bugs. It’s the responsibility of a managed IT services provider to be aware of such risks and apply the appropriate data and compliance protection procedures that ensure a business doesn’t fall victim to security threats.

  • Disaster Recovery Services

Having an IT disaster recovery plan in place is a critical requirement for any business to prepare itself in the event of any hardware failure, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, human error, data loss. Managed IT services cover all the bases by taking into account the complete spectrum of potential interruptions and use advanced approaches and solutions to guarantee IT systems resilience, uptime, availability, and disaster recovery.

  • Minimize Downtime

Downtime is not only wasted time and resources, but it also hurts a business financially and its credibility. A managed IT services provider can identify and fix a potential problem before they occur, which in turn, reduces downtime significantly, increases productivity and limits unnecessary business expenses.

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Professional Virus and Malware Removal

Nobody is safe from getting computer viruses. Malicious people are getting smarter every day and they always seem to find a new way to expose computers to computer viruses that can be potentially damaging to your computer. When this happens, you need to find the best computer virus and malware removal services to get your computer back to working condition. Sometimes viruses and malware can be easily removed from software that you can purchase, but there are some instances in which you would actually need to find a professional to do this for you.

A lot of people have the misconception that as long as they have virus and malware protection on their computers, they are 100% safe from these harmful programs. While these types of software offer a great deal of protection, nothing is 100%. Any malware or virus can get through as long as there is an exploit that allows it to happen. These things can hide within the code of your computer and slowly cause damage or collect information from you and you may not even know it is there even with regular computer scans. This is exactly why you need a professional technician.

You may think that you have gotten rid of your virus but you may find out that you did not get rid of the entire virus or that there are viruses you never knew you had. There may also be viruses that are so complex that you cannot handle the problem on your own. In each of these scenarios, a highly trained and experienced technician is going to be the best tool on your side. These technicians are generally up-to-date on all of the viruses that are circulating around at the time and where they can hide. Whether it is within simple files or deep in your registry, the technician can find it and isolate it before it causes any further problems for you. They can clean out all of the infected files and can sometimes even find ways to salvage data that may have been lost during the process. It is important to know that these technicians can not only help you when you a get a virus but they can also be a huge help in preventing them. Even though viruses are not 100% preventable, you can make sure that all of your data is backed up and that you have the best anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep as much of these malicious programs from infecting your computer.

Everyone, individuals and businesses alike, can benefit from computer virus and malware removal services. These are complex programs that really require a highly trained professional to take care of. Not removing the virus or malware in its entirety can cause performance issues on your computers as well as steal the valuable data on it including passwords, social security numbers, and your banking information. These are just a few of the pieces of data that viruses can steal from you. Be sure that you have professionals on your side in case of a virus or malware.

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Everyday Computer Repair Services

Our lives revolve around computers, which have made many things about everyday life a lot easier and more entertaining. The problem is that when the computers go down, our personal lives and our businesses suffer from this. When that happens, you would greatly benefit from the services of a computer repair technician. They can help you with a variety of serious problems especially computer virus removal services. If you are wondering if a computer repair service is worth the money, here are some of the benefits of hiring one for your needs.

The biggest reason you need to hire a computer repair technician to help with your problems is because this will help you to save you a lot of time. In cases of a business this can also save you money because every second you cannot work because your computers are down, you are losing money. Since computer technicians are highly trained in their fields, they can more easily diagnose issues which means that they can quickly get your computer back up and running sooner than you may be able to.

A computer technician will also be able to help prevent any further damage from occurring with your computer, which can be more costly and time consuming to repair. At some point, you may have had a computer problem and a friend or family member who is not a technician offers to help you fix it. Sometimes this works out and they can fix the problems. Other times, they may not be as successful when it comes to fixing it and could even cause more problems for you.

Lastly, you need to think about your data. You, like most other people, may have a lot of precious data on your computers. You have pictures of your children at major events or a big project that you were working on when something happened to your computer. When your data is compromised and especially when you are in need of computer virus removal services, you need a computer technician that is an expert in recovery to get as much of this data back as possible. They will also help you save this data beforehand so that you do not have to worry about losing anything important should something happen to your computer.

Computer repair services are as essential for both personal and business computers. Things can go wrong at any time and viruses are especially easy to get on your computers these days. As these problems get more complicated, you will want to make sure that you have only the most qualified person working on your computer. Look for a certified technician because this can help to ensure that your warranty does not get voided. Otherwise, you will end up paying for a lot more your repairs and a replacement. A computer repair technician is more than worth the investment when you think about all of these benefits. Next time you are having a computer problem or if you want some preventative maintenance, find a computer technician to help you.

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The Wide Scope of Computer Consulting

Computer consulting is becoming an increasingly popular field because more businesses are relying on technology in order to function efficiently on a daily basis. If you need computer services for your company, you will need to find computer consulting companies that can help your business get the technology that you need in order to offer the best services possible to your customers. Every business should invest in a computer consulting firm for all of their needs.

So what does a computer consulting firm do for your business? They will come in and look at your business as well as your current setup for computers and technology. You will discuss with them what your goals are for the technology within your business, including any special needs that your business may have. The computer consultant will take a look at all of this information and formulate a plan for technology based on your needs and what they think would work best for your business. They will work very closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need, even if you did not think it was something that important before. They will also discuss with you any other suggestions that they may have that will optimize your business for efficiency. A computer consulting firm also offers other services, including emergency repair.

Now that you know just how important these types of services are for your business, you will need to know how to choose a computer consulting company that can help you meet your needs. You should take a very close look at their experience and see if any other local business owners work with this company. You will want someone who has a great deal of experience in the field, which can give you the peace of mind that you need to trust that everything will get done properly and within the discussed budget. You also want a company with a good reputation. Business owners love to recommend good IT services, so talk to people to see who they use for their computer needs and what they think of the services that they offer. You do want to be sure you are choosing a company that is within your budget but keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. This is a field that can be particularly helpful in the growth of your business so it is wise to invest in the best company that you possibly can. Finally, you need to check out the services that they offer. For instance, not every firm offers 24/7 emergency services but this could be something that is essential for your business.

Every business needs a computer, which means that every business could benefit from hiring a computer consulting firm to help them optimize their infrastructure and keep their computers in working order. It is very important to meet with a few different companies so that you can make an informed decision about what they can offer you and for how much they can offer it for.

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Repairing your computer vs. replacing

One glance around in today’s culture and you can tell computers are a major part of daily living and functioning. We use computers for everything and we even carry tiny computers in our pockets which we refer to as smart phones.  So, when your computer goes down and needs to be fixed it’s a major issue. Should we simply toss out the old computer and purchase a new one or should you have your current computer repaired? Today, we look at some reasons why it would be more beneficial to just repair your computer rather than replace it.

  • The first thing to consider when deciding to replace or repair your computer is price. It’s like a car if it would cost more to fix the car than the car is worth we tend to junk the car and get a new one, your computer is the same way. If it will cost you more to repair the computer compared to purchasing a new one then you would obviously want to replace it not repair it.
  • The second consideration is age, how old is that computer anyways? If your computer is older than 7 years it might be high time to replace it. The traditional lifespan of a computer is between 3 and 7 years and a good thing to keep in mind is the price of your computer originally. Traditionally the more expensive your computer was to purchase the longer you can expect it to last. Technology and especially computers are constantly being upgraded and updated so if the broken computer is older than 7 years it might be a better option to replace it rather than repair it.
  • Software is licensed not owned so if you have special software on your current computer that may not be able to be transferred to a new computer then repairing your current computer would make more sense.

The decision really boils down to personal preference as well as that you will be using your computer for, having a computer repaired does tend to be cheaper than replacing it completely. Just keep in mind when you have your computer repaired to have it done by a professional because if you take your computer to someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing you run the risk of seriously causing harm to the system rather than helping or bettering it.

Some things to keep in mind when trying to find a reliable and skilled computer repair technician:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are the technicians certified in computer repair services?
  • Do they have references that you can talk with?

These are just a few things to keep in mind when looking for a professional to repair your computer. Hopefully this has helped you not only decide whether to repair or replace your broken computer but also has given a little insight into who to select should your computer need repaired.

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