We all know how to extend gas in our motor engine vehicles, but many people aren’t yet familiar with Electric Vehicles (EV.) Despite their gain in popularity, most EV owners don’t know much about extending battery life. Read on for some tips on how to extend your EV battery range.

  1. Capacity: Batteries are not cheap, but the bigger you can afford, the better. If the battery can hold more power, it can stretch a charge over a lengthy period. Especially while on long road trips or commuting to work, the last thing you want to do is stop and charge your EV. Interrupting your day for a recharge might be more inconvenient than paying for a bigger battery capacity to begin with.
  • Acceleration: Just as with gasoline cars, putting the pedal to the metal can noticeably burn through battery life. While driving, try to maintain a decent, consisitant pace to conserve energy.
  • Tires: When combustion vehicle owners get their oil changed, the tires are generally checked or rotated. With EVs, the absence of an engine means no visits to mechanic shops. Set a reminder to check your tires every couple of months to ensure the battery will run more efficiently.
  • Trunk: Extra weight in an EV will force the battery to work harder. If you put something heavy in your vehicle, make sure you remove it as soon as possible. Store extra items in your garage if you want your battery range to go the distance.
  • Garage: Battery-powered items should not be left in the cold. This goes for all batteries, including lawnmowers, power tools, etc. EVs abide by the same rules. Cold temperatures can decrease the range of an EV. Keeping the battery plugged in (if outside) helps, but the best solution is to store your EV in the garage.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: www.cpsmi.com.

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