Electric vehicle (EV) awareness and sales have been steadily growing over the past decade. According to the latest forecast published by AutoPacific, a respected future-oriented automotive marketing research and product-consulting firm for vehicles in the U.S. market, fully electric light vehicle sales are currently estimated at their highest yet. With sales of 700,000 units forecasted for 2022, the report suggests a continuing upward trend for the next six years. But what are the factors currently driving this demand?

U.S. drivers, like others globally, certainly want the most value for their buck. Traditional economic aspects such as gas prices play a significant role; however, the recent pandemic caused consumers to change their driving habits radically. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation industry in the U.S. is responsible for 55% of nitrogen-oxide emissions. Reducing greenhouse gases emitted from cars and trucks improves air quality. EV’s main components, a motor, reducer, battery, on-board charger, and electric power control unit, distinguish them from internal combustion engines, thereby eliminating the need for the engine and transmission, which exhausts fossil fuel to generate power.

Advancements in charging technology are a significant contributing factor to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. EV solutions companies such as Enel X are committed to preserving the environment while continuously adapting to the changing needs of consumers in a digitalized world. EV chargers are breaking ground and opening energy to new uses, focusing on decarbonization, digitalization, and renewable energy.

AutoPacific’s forecast predicts total EV sales to rise to more than 900,000 in 2023, after that accelerating over the following four years, hitting 2.5 million in 2027. There is no denying that the advantages of driving and maintaining an EV vehicle, such as better driving experience and renewable electricity tariffs, will, in the long run, have a positive effect on U.S. consumers. “Green vehicles” are the natural choice for the future of driving. The stakes are growing, and EVs are pushing into the mainstream, providing consumers with faster, more connected, and user-friendly products designed to satisfy commercial fleets and at-home charging.

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