Elder law is a field of the law that specializes in legal issues which affect senior citizens. Elder law planning covers quite a few topics, but there are a few key areas which routinely fall under its jurisdiction, namely health care, financial, and relationship needs.

Attorneys who specialize in this field will work closely with their clients, along with their families, to get an all-encompassing view of their needs. This practice of working closely with the client is the best way for a lawyer to tailor the best legal solution and ensure a high quality of life.

Attorneys working with the elderly can create plans for retirement, and help them acquire the long-term care they need. They will also take the necessary steps to protect their clients businesses, ensure the fair and equitable dispersal of valuables to the heirs and charities, according to the client’s wishes.

Health care issues are a major concern for the elderly and as the costs of assisted living or nursing home care can be quite substantial, proper planning needs to be in place to protect hard earned investments earned over a lifetime. Mismanagement in this area can often mean that the long-term care facility receives all of the person’s finances, rather than have it go to their loved ones.

Comprehensive elder law planning will put measures in place that protect the elderly should their health deteriorate to the point where they can no longer handle their finances. They can organize guardianships that go into effect once certain conditions are met, such as a doctor’s declaration about their mental health.

Not every elder law attorney can be an expert in every area so when choosing an attorney, ensure they have the expertise and experience to suit your situation. If not, most attorneys will be more than happy to refer you to one of their colleagues, if they are not in a position to meet your needs.

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