Water plays an important role in our everyday life and overall well-being, so it’s only prudent to ensure that we have a continuous supply of quality water for our homes, not only for our own good, but for the good of our appliances, energy bills, and of course our wallets.

The most cost-effective way of improving the quality of your water is using a water softener. Why? Water is often described as either hard or soft water.  Most often your water is hard if you have had to call a plumber a couple of times to remove an unsightly scam build-up in your drains.

Hard water is the most prevalent in many households, and it’s considered “hard” because it contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals and impurities, most predominantly calcium and magnesium collected when the water moves through soil and rocks. While they are good minerals for your health, like too much of anything, too many minerals in your homes water can wreak havoc to laundry, household appliances, clog pipes, washing machines, water tanks, boilers, and renders soaps, detergents and cleaning products less effective.

Even though hard water doesn’t seem to pose a health risk, the damages an over-abundance of minerals can do are serious.   Consider the following benefits of using a water softener system.

  • Water Softeners Remove Impurities in Your Homes Water

Water is a great carrier of impurities and installing a water softener system will remove the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that make water hard troublesome. Using a water softener will prevent iron/rust staining, mineral build up, dry hair and skin, and an abundance of bothersome issues that arise from hard water.

  • Water Softeners Eliminate Limescale Build-Ups

The high mineral content in the form of calcium and magnesium in hard water reacts with detergents, soap, and shampoos creating an abundance of soap scum build-up.  If you’re tired of scrubbing scum build-up around the tub, sinks, or dishes then it is time to use a water softener system as this will help eliminate the build-up and improve the quality of your water.

  • Water Softeners Create Water That Is Soft Thus Better for Your Skin and Hair

Hard water is particularly harsh on the skin especially for people with conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, because it leaves the skin extra dry and very irritated, thus causing extreme discomfort and more frequent, severe outbreaks. Hard water also makes your hair feel extremely rough and prolonged use can lead to brittle hair and eventually hair breakage.

  • Water Softeners Can Save Users Money Over Time

Hard water decreases the lifespan of your appliances, makes cleaning hard, blocks your pipes. It results in using more water, energy, maintenance bills, cleaning products, and more. Not only will installing a water softener system improve the quality of your water, but it is also affordable to run and use for only a few bucks a year.

At Reynolds Water Conditioning Company, we are here to help make sure our clients don’t buy water treatment systems that they don’t need.  We are here to make sure you find a water softening system that gives you the results you are looking for, whether it is to remove iron or odor from you water; we have a solution that will help!  For more information contact our experts at 800.572.9575 or at our website https://reynoldswater.com.

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