Searching for the right radiation oncology positioning device and quality radiotherapy equipment services can be hard. However, there are certain parameters which you should consider in buying the right positioning devices from the right people without having to compromise on targeting the cancer cells effectively while treating them through the cancer treatment machines.

While it might be thought that the techniques for positioning that were used in the early days can still be used, the fact should be kept in mind that new devices have been developed that have totally eliminated the disadvantages for those early techniques.

What Is a Positioning Device?

Before we could plunge into knowing the parameters which we talked about, let us first know in true terms what really a positioning device is and what it is used for.  A positioning device in oncology is anything that can help the oncologist in maintaining a firm and steady position of his or her patient during treatment.

These devices are needed in order to fix the patient in the appropriate position so that there is no radiation leakage to any healthy visceral parts. Too often, positioning errors pose great dangers not for the patient only, but also for the oncologist or radiologist who is carrying out the radiation session. Thus, with the help of positioning devices, these errors can be mitigated to a greater level.

The Need for Positioning Devices

As we have explained the main objective of the immobilization devices, let us see what other needs call for the installation of these devices.

  • Patient’s Fear

The worries of those who are already battered by lingering cancer that they suffer from could be reduced by using devices that can position them in a better way. Normally, every patient knows the dangers that radiation therapy poses to healthy tissues. In this way, there is a need to assure them of the safety that certain devices can provide.

  • Daily Set Up Time

The time that is wasted in positioning a patient without the help of immobilization devices can be reduced with the help of them. Since the radiation therapy spans over several days and the radiation has to be targeted on the cancerous cells from different positions, it is indispensable to use positioning devices.

  • Making a Body Part Rigid

During a radiation therapy session, due to the fear of the patient or any other reason, the body part under treatment can experience flexion. This can put immense pressure on the radiologist or oncologist and thus can reduce the efficiency of the process. So, in order to eliminate any possible chances of the body part, different positioning devices can be used which comply with the structure of that part.

What should you look for immobilization devices?

In order to buy immobilization devices that can target cancer cells effectively, there is a need to pay heed to the following characteristics.

  • The device should be easy in usage and construction
  • Patient should not experience any discomfort
  • The device should be appropriately structured according to the body type of the patient and his or her external contours
  • It shouldn’t come in the way of the radiation beam
  • It shouldn’t change shape over time
  • It should position the patient optimally
  • The material with which it is made
  • Its ability to be reused

Considering the above needs and the parameters, you should buy the appropriate radiation oncology positioning device from quality radiotherapy equipment services.

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