Medical facilities want top notch equipment with the latest gadgets to assist their patients getting the best treatments and preventative care that they deserve.  Having devices such as linear accelerators saves lives and purchasing them from a good company is fundamental.  Getting devices which meet industry requirements help to ensure that clinical experts are able to operate them successfully and help them to get the information that they need.

Purchasing the right equipment for diagnosis and treatment requires clinical facilities to spend time and money looking.  This machinery has a huge impact on the facility.  Dependable devices save time and money.  This is so true when it comes to linear accelerators and their use in the treatment of cancer.

The technology used in conventional linear accelerators is essentially the same for all linear accelerators. The high energy generation can be achieved either by implementing the “travelling waveguide technology” or by implementing the “standing waveguide technology”. The first approach is simple and reliable while the second features a more stable treatment beam. The generated radiation beam is flattened and shaped using collimation devices to form a beam matching the shape of the tumour.

The wave guide, the filters, and the collimator are mounted on a gantry which rotates around the patient allowing the tumours to be irradiated from multiple directions. There is a linear accelerators patient coach especially designed to allow irradiation of the patient from multiple direction. However choosing a device that is easy to service is important as well. Get something that many companies are capable of fix and keep in running order as this is extremely important.

Medical diagnostic device make sure that everything is running well and it’s important in ensuring that all equipment is working the way that it is meant to. Having functioning medical devices is one of the most essential matters that any medical facility can do as they provide many essential diagnostic tools to medical professionals.

Linear accelerator service techs are responsible for radiotherapy and associated medical equipment health care facilities all over.  This includes supervision of installation, acceptance and responsibility for the maintenance and service of this equipment during its life cycle. The technicians consult with Physicists, Oncologists, Radiologists, Radiation Therapists, Medical Radiation Technologist and Management to determine levels of service and to mitigate downtime.

The tech is involved in equipment acquisition by offering advice on technical and service specifications. This is one of the main reasons that replacement parts for linear accelerators and other radiation oncology equipment are in high demand.   When a piece of radiation equipment breaks down it is crucial to the treatment of patients that it is repaired quickly to avoid downtime in patient care.

There are several applications that linear accelerators offer throughout medical facilities including:

  • Radiation Treatment For Cancerous Tumours

Linear accelerators are mainly known as the machine that is used in radiation therapy to target cancerous tumours.  Linear accelerators accelerate electrons.  When they are speeding up, that is when they would be getting the heavy metal target.

  • LINAC Treatment

This treatment is similar to the laser technique which is used in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments. This ensures that the healthy cells and issues around the area where it is focused are not destroyed as well.

  • MRI

Linear accelerators are also used in MRI tests. In this test, the scanning of the different body parts is conducted in order to find out whether there is any problem with these body parts.

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