The healthcare industry was forced to quickly lean more into technological thanks to the pandemic. Patient images have not changed, but modifications have made it possible to use consumer technology in new, unexpected ways. What are some of the novel workflow efficiencies and patient experiences that have cropped up since 2020? Here are some examples: 

Smartphones and Tablets

Providers can access images and reports virtually anywhere, thanks to smartphones or tablets. When it comes to commonplace technology, phones are ubiquitous. By using secure apps to access reports and images from anywhere, data breaches are not an issue since no information is stored on the device. Previously, physicians needed to sign in each time they wanted to check an imaging report. Now, these newer advancements allow the provider to sign in automatically. Text messages and alerts can be set up to notify the physician when reports are complete. With minimal effort, physicians can now transfer information to each other accordingly, seeing data in real-time.

QR Codes

First developed in 1994, these codes have made a comeback during the pandemic. Whether it’s for a restaurant menu, contactless payment, or essential information sharing, these scannable codes are seemingly everywhere. Now, physicians can use these codes to send reports to patients and providers instead of burning images to a Compact Disc (CD) or printout. QR codes allow for a more effective, efficient workflow. Patients can get images with ease, on their device of choice, without remembering usernames or passwords.

Web-based Viewer

Cloud technology allows web-based viewers to take a patient-focused methodology. It not only makes the Electronic Health Record (EHR) more effective, but it also consolidates information from different parts and gives a more holistic view of the patient’s record. Patients can also enjoy a web-based universal viewer to track their entire health story on a mobile device.

Old technology can be used in new ways. Today, imaging groups are using consumer-based technology to facilitate physician-patient relationships. COVID-19 accelerated the process; the innovations of the future might be the technology of today.

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