P-Cure is pioneering a groundbreaking approach in the field of proton therapy with its latest achievement: the treatment of a young child diagnosed with ocular cancer using a novel proton therapy system. This innovative system, which has received FDA clearance and is operational at P-Cure’s Clinical Development Center in Israel, allows patients to receive treatments in a seated position. This is a significant milestone, as it marks the first time such a method has been used, catering to patients of all ages and regardless of tumor location.

Developed in collaboration with the Hadassah Medical Center, the system utilizes a gantry-less, intensity-modulated particle therapy technology that is both cost-effective and adaptable to existing Linac room configurations. This collaboration has already led to the successful treatment of 14 cancer patients, showcasing the system’s ability to improve patient comfort and quality of life, which are crucial for positive clinical outcomes.

The case of ‘D’, a four-year-old boy, highlights the system’s potential to make advanced cancer treatment more accessible. Despite the challenging circumstances, the family opted for treatment in Israel thanks to the availability of P-Cure’s system. The technology’s adaptive therapy capabilities allow for real-time adjustments based on tumor and healthy tissue dynamics, ensuring precise and safe treatment delivery.

Moreover, P-Cure’s system represents a significant advancement in making proton therapy more widely available. Traditional proton therapy solutions require substantial space and investment, limiting their availability. P-Cure’s compact and cost-efficient solution can be integrated into existing cancer treatment facilities, potentially transforming the landscape of cancer care by making high-quality proton therapy accessible to a broader patient population.

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