LINAC systems, the common name for linear accelerators, are very complicated and intricately built machines. They are formed by joining together several very small different parts, making it a highly fickle machine. Despite their extreme sensitivity, LINACs are very useful and powerful machines. They are a main component of many essential machines, such as the CT scanner.

Much like the CT scanner, linear accelerators can be used in several other machines related to the health industry. They are thus an integral part in fighting cancer with radiation therapy, while also being used in a large amount of research. However, because of their unbalanced structure, they are highly prone to many mechanical faults. Here is a look at the faults they may face and dealing with them.

Problems LINAC Systems Face

Used to hurl very small radiation particles at very high speeds at designated targets, linear accelerators are built by joining numerous small parts. Each part has its own function in the grand scheme of things and is often linked to adjacent parts. This makes the LINAC a very fickle machine since any faulty part can lead to the entire machine going out of order. Hence, the LINAC is an unsustainable machine that can require very intricate maintenance.

Everyone has heard about radiation equipment and how much intricate and complex it is. LINACs are a major component in radiation equipment. Parts for repairing radiation equipment are always very expensive, and this makes repairing LINACs a huge financial hassle, while also being exhausting. Therefore, the debate about whether to install spare parts or to change the machine entirely holds a lot of weight and is something that many professionals in the health industry constantly talk about.

Fix it or forget it?

Often the parts for repairing linear accelerators (LINAC) are so expensive that they come just in short of the actual amount for buying a new LINAC. This makes many people wonder if it is better to just buy a new machine altogether since the other parts of the LINAC might break down soon enough and need to be replaced as well. Although there is no definite answer to this query since it has do a lot with the personal beliefs of people, it is always better to use something to the maximum. Therefore, in our opinion, fixing radiation machines and LINACs is the better option.

Refurbishing/ Repairing

Parts for repairing linear accelerators might be highly expensive, but that is if you buy new parts. Instead, you can opt for the sensible option, which is refurbishing or repairing the broken parts. There are a number of firms in the market that offer refurbishing of parts for radiation equipment. The refurbished parts are often returned very quickly, and this efficient process saves you half the money you would spend on a new part. Therefore, it is best to find a good servicing company for your LINACs.

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